Sunday, October 27, 2013


I don't know about y'all, but I'm more than ready for cooler weather! Oklahoma is getting chilly enough at night for me to have a fire in the fireplace in my office! Don't you love the smell of piñon wood? I sure do! As you can see, Superman is standing guard over my treddesk - I better get back to writing REDEEMED! Here's wishing you a warm fire to snuggle up in front of! XXXOOO PC


Critica said...

I'm ready for the cooler weather and fireplaces too. :) I really wish I had a treddesk; it looks like such a convenient invention.

PC Cast said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my treddesk! It totally saves my shoulders, and makes me more productive. They're worth every penny (google them to find the company). Actually, the tred part of it is very reasonably priced. The first one I bought I just got that part of it, and had a carpenter make me a permanent desk ledge for about $100. I highly, highly recommend it!

Cæcilie Lindberg said...

oh we already have cooler weather here in Denmark, we just had a Hurricane yesterday, not as damaging as they can be in the states, but well damaging for Denmark.
The fireplace is on at my house too and though we do not have superman to keep a look out, we have two firce kittens :)

Amber Terry said...

I say before this amazing story ends STEVIE RAE deserves a cat of her own to choose her. Yes, she has Nala. But, Nala is really Zoey's.

Pretty pretty pretty PLEASE PC?


-Amber Terry

ps: "Boots" would be cute and accurate, yes?

Unknown said...

Working out and working hard! I took my copy of Revealed to the gym with me, I was working out without really paying attention to it! Love the office PC, it looks like you'll have a cosy but busy Autumn and Winter!

Bennbr said...

Wishing you and Kristin a Happy Samhain


Heather Fiege said...

Oh I love the cold nights! :) I cant wait to read the next book, I read Revealed in less than two days. This series has become a huge part of my life, thank you ladies for putting together a stupendous story that keeps the readers hooked :)

Susanna said...

I have some questions for you:
- What is your insiration?
- When you started writing?
- What was your dream, when you were a child?
- what is your favorite book from the house of night series?


btw, I love your books <3

ary said...

hi my best writer in the word ! i kiss you from italy ! i want you to know that i love your books and i don't know how i'll can live without it... there is any possibility that you can continue this saga for centuries???? :) :) i hope that you will write some chapter in the future for mitigate the absence.... sigh! i love aphrodite ! is the best character ever! i love her! i can't wait for REEDEMED!! i want it now!!! i'm not a fanatic,i swear,but i have just ended the book and i have a panic attack because i'm not good to wait ... i have never learn... =) please the last book must have more than 700 pages!!!!!!



Unknown said...

Hello P.C. can I just say that I love you and your work AMAZING!! I just finished Revealed and may i just say WOW! I did not expect what happened in the last two chapters that really got me. I actually have two of your series: The House of Night series and The Devine series. I love them. They are PHENOMONAL!!! If you dont mind may I ask you a couple of questions?

1) How many books are actually going to be in the HON series?
2) Are there movies in the future after the series is completed?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully answer my questions.
Have a wonderful day/night.

Once again- I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!