Saturday, October 19, 2013


A special thank you to Books-A-Million for hosting our awesome party on the 16th, and to Toby Jenkins, Executive Director of Oklahomans for Equality, who introduced us! OUR FANS ARE AMAZING! Thanks to all of you for coming out to see us, especially those of you who drove from Denver and St. Louis, and Texas! Our fans are THE BEST. We heart you. Check out adorable Elizabeth and her cutie tattoos! (Waving at Elizabeth and her mom!)

Now, back to writing REDEEMED... XXXOOO PC


Unknown said...

I wish I could have gone but I can't because I was in school :( but I hope that you do a tour for Redeemed. I also love Revealed so much my mom had to take the book away so I could concentrate.

Nxysxfollower said...

FLASH BACK: Betrayed.
<3 Congrats on the new book P.C.! And I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

New video for your HoN pleasure.

-Amber Terry for Stevie Rae Johnson.

Sarah L said...

Hi P.C, I can't wait to read 'Revealed' I'm so desperate to find out what happens but I have to wait until my birthday in November for it has I have no money at all to buy it! It's so hard waiting for it!
I hope you come and tour the UK soon as I would really like to meet you and I can't wait for the movies. to be filmed and released.