Thursday, January 28, 2016


AND THE WINNER IS... With 40.2% of total votes (and a surprise winner for me - I thought you guys would choose the one with my German Shepherd) - the winner, and my new author photo for MOON CHOSEN, is D or #4! Thank you so much for making this such fun! I love all your comments! Cammyman is REAL excited about this! You guys are The Best! XXXOOO PC

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Help choose my new author photo!

This is the voting link! Cut and paste this to vote: (Votes in the comment section won't be counted - just those in the official voting link count!) Hi Guys! I need the help of my awesome fans! It's time to choose an author photo for MOON CHOSEN, the first book in my new fantasy series, TALES OF A NEW WORLD. Will you help me by voting for your favorite? Dogs - terriers and shepherds - are a huge part of the world, so these photos feature my Scotties (puppies - Captain Kirk and The Mighty Khan, adult Scottie - Cameron/Cammyman), and my Warrior German Shepherd, Badger. Release date of MOON CHOSEN is October 18th. I promise it's worth the wait! photo credit to Daniel at Stark Photography. Okay, so which is your favorite?? XXXOOO PC

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Hi Guys! Check out the placeholder for MOON CHOSEN, the first book in my new fantasy series, TALES OF A NEW WORLD! This isn't the final cover, but it does mean that it will be up for preorder soon, and it means the release date of October 18th is getting closer! As we move toward publication, I'll be releasing LOTS of information about the series and the first book, as well as hosting a bunch of cool giveaways. So, stay tuned! Here's some preliminary info: my lovely publisher is labeling the series as YA fantasy (my heroine is 18 - hero is 23), but I'm just writing the books I most want to read and ignoring the genre labels as I tend to do); it is set in the Pacific NW, in and around Portland, OR, and Sauvie Island; the setting time is in the future - centuries after a massive ecological apocalypse that completely changed our world; animals feature predominately in the series - as do ancient goddesses/gods; I LOVE THIS WORLD AND THIS SERIES! More soon! XXXOOO PC