Sunday, August 24, 2008

Canada, eh?

Well, last week Kristin and I were in lovely Toronto! We'd never been to Canada before, so we were excited to go (and may I just say downtown Toronto is beautiful - and the Four Seasons there a little slice of heaven!). Naturally, our plane broke on the way up, TWICE (American Airlines is totally on my nerves!), and we had to cancel our first event. Happily, some of the fans made it to our signing the next day. Oh, and our plane didn't smack into the ground. (insert semi-hysterical scream)

Thanks to our wonderful Canadian publicist, Lisa, for making sure we were where we were supposed to be. And a big HI to all of our new fans "up there!" We're looking forward to a much more relaxed return trip in March!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

British House of Night!

Check out the UK version of MARKED, BETRAYED, and CHOSEN! The lovely Orbit, a division of Little, Brown, will release the three books back to back starting in January. Kristin and I will be meeting with our fabulous Orbit team when we visit London in November. How exciting!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hi Guys! I know, I know - apparently there is some kind of glitch with the release of IMMORTAL. The anthology should be available for purchase in Borders bookstores right now, but I hear readers are having trouble getting it. Don't worry - Benbella Books has assured me that they are working feverishly on fixing the problem.

But...I HAVE COPIES OF THE BOOK! Hee hees! So, while you're waiting I thought it would be fun to give away a couple of those copies. Here's the deal: post in and tell me about your favorite vampire movie, and why it's your favorite. Friday I'll randomly choose two people and they'll each get a copy of IMMORTAL, signed by Kristin and me!

Good luck!

Breaking Dawn Comments

Just a quick post about BREAKING DAWN so in one place I can answer questions I have already been asked several times.

1) No, I haven't read BREAKING DAWN yet. Yes, I have read the other three TWILIGHT series books, but I'm in the middle of writing my 2009 Goddess Summoning Book (GODDESS OF CAMELOT), and my outside reading time is at a premium right now. I will read it, though, as soon as I get enough of my own book written.

2) Yes, there is a lot I like about the TWILIGHT series. There are also things I do not like about it, but I can say that about many books I read - even some of my favorite books.

3) No, I'm not going to expound on what I don't like about the series, even after I read BREAKING DAWN. I'm not a book reviewer or a book critic. I'm an author. And I have always thought it sets up bad Karma for one author to bash another's work.

4) Which brings me to my major point - I hope, no matter how rabid your feelings are about how Ms. Meyer concluded her series, that you remember there is a difference between debating the merits of a book, its plot, characterization, world building, conclusion, etc., and attacking the book's author. Or, more simply put: nasty things you do and say tend to come around and bite you in your own butt.

Now, back to GODDESS OF CAMELOT...