Wednesday, June 20, 2012


CHECK IT OUT! Ooooh! It's Zoey! And wait until you see the inside jacket poster - AUROX! Awesomesauce! Release date: October 16th! XXXOOO PC p.s. Not sure when my publisher is going to start releasing excerpts. My guess is Aug-Sept. p.s.s. Tour - Again, not sure about whether we're touring stateside. I can tell you that it looks like we'll be in Germany and France in November. Can't wait! I've never been to either country!

Monday, June 18, 2012


As I'm writing the climactic scene in HIDDEN (released Oct 16th!) I'm finding it very peaceful to bike to the east beach and watch the sunrise. Gorgeous, right? Y'all will NOT believe what happens in this book! IN-SAN-I-TY! XXXOOO PC

Monday, June 11, 2012

House of Night graphic novel!

Oooooh! Check it out! The HOUSE OF NIGHT graphic novel will be released July 17th! It's an awesome hardback collection of the first five HoN comics. They're new stories woven between the first two books. LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out! And the art is incredible. Seeing the kids and the settings come to life is so cool! Links (for info and preorder): Happy reading! PC

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Absolutely Gorgeous!

Well, I got a new camera and I've been practicing/experimenting with it to give my overused brain a break from the concluding scene in HIDDEN (at the end of a manuscript my brain is always fried!). On of my favorite trees in the world is the amazing Poinciana, and it is in full bloom right now. Check it out! And the smell - like an Oklahoma Mimosa tree mixed with orange blossoms. Ooooh! Back to work for me! XXXOOO PC

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Cammy View & Creepy...

Well, I'm totally in my writer's cave pushing to get HIDDEN finished on deadline. Today I took a little break to walk my Scottie dogs right around dusk. We took the path that led past the cool graveyard and I snapped a Cammy View for y'all, and then I noticed a book someone had left. It was on the ground just outside the graveyard fence. CHECK OUT THE TITLE! Can you see it? DEAD OF NIGHT! A zombie book! Totally creepy... (Cammy says it should have been a vampire book!) Back to writing! XXXOOO PC

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Fun in Phoenix

Thanks to all of our fans that came out to see us at awesome ComicCon in Phoenix. Our workshops were great (thanks for all the questions!), and I loved my panel with the fabulous Diana Gabaldon. Kristin is a total Dr. Who fan. And me? James T Kirk all the way! Back to writing HIDDEN... XXXOOO PC