Wednesday, February 15, 2006


FABULOUS NEWS! My editor emailed me today saying that GODDESS OF THE ROSE is #38 on the Barnes and Noble romance mass market bestseller list!! Oh baby oh! In celebration, here's a wonderful image of Venus, the heroine of my next Goddess Summoning Book, GODDESS OF LOVE.

And now I have to watch some trash TV and finish my lovely glass of red wine. (I'll be popping some bubbly this weekend, never fear.) Project Runway is on, ya know...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day...romance or...or...retching? I started writing my next Goddess Summoning Book. It'll be the 5th one in the series, and it's titled GODDESS OF LOVE. I thought it was appropriate to literally begin it on Valentine's Day. I mean, please. Valentine's Day = Romance. Right? Well...Okay, I'm not complaining but currently I'm BM. No, that doesn't mean bowl movement. That means I'm - for the moment - Between Men. (Unfortunately I don't mean that literally. Talk about an interesting Valentine's Day...) Anyway, I got a lovely flower from one of my favorite students. Yep. A 16 year old. Uh, no. That really doesn't count as a romantic present - sweet, but NOT romantic. What would I really like today?? I browsed for a while and found the perfect gift for a woman BM - BATMAN! Yes yes yes. I do have a soft spot (actually, several of them) for The Dark Knight.

But, seriously (not that I'm not serious about Batman). What did y'all get for V Day? Was it romance or retching?

Back to GODDESS OF LOVE. Yes, I can appreciate the irony.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

So many damn good books...

My friend and fellow Luna author, Robin Owens, has a Feb. release, too. Please check her out! Here's the info:

(Luna, February 1, 2006)

With the world of Llandrana threatened by encroaching evil, the Sorcerers must do the unthinkable—Summon an outsider to stop the insidious Darkness slowly taking control of their land and poisoning the Sorcerers themselves.
Arriving in Lladrana, grad student Marian Harasta is stunned to find herself the center of a dispute among Sorcerers who want to augment their Power with her own. She must quickly learn her new magical Powers – and decide who she can trust in this strange land. She has prayed for a miracle to save her brother – could Lladrana offer that knowledge, and can she somehow return to Earth with it?
She knows she must offer the Sorcerers something in exchange, and ridding them of the Evil Sorcerer is what they want, but how will she fare in her first magical duel?
With unexpected help – and unexpected betrayal – Marian must determine where her true fate lies.



Robin D. Owens has been seriously writing longer than she cares to recall, but is very happy with how her writing career is proceeding. She was named the Writer of the Year by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers in 2004, and 2003 Writer of the Year by the Denver Area Science Fiction Association. Robin has been the librarian, contest co-chair, and President of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. She has given seminars at Pikes Peak Writers Conference, the Colorado Gold Writers Conference, and Romance Writers of America as well as other groups.


Marian is a fantastic heroine, both fiercely intelligent and independent, as well as willing and able to stand up for herself and what she wants. This book will enchant readers who enjoy strong heroines. – Romantic Times