Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Cover Art for DIVINE BY BLOOD

James Griffin, the amazing artist who created the covers for DIVINE BY MISTAKE AND DIVINE BY CHOICE has done it again! I absolutely adore this cover for my September LUNA release, DIVINE BY BLOOD. It's such a treat seeing this while I'm still working on the manuscript. Actually, this scene (which the LUNA art director,Kathleen Oudit, envisioned) eerily mirrors something I already had in mind. Now that I've seen this I'm going to really bring the scene alive! And I do believe I'm going to put Morrigan in this exact outfit - LOVE IT. You can check out James's blog at for more info on his fabulous art. There has been some talk of releasing the art to these three covers as limited edition prints. I say HELL YES! What do y'all say?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Scrumptious new release!

Jaci Burton writes deliciously sexy books, and I have been looking forward to her new release, SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND. Yes, I'm going to admit that I watch some reality shows. It's embarrassing but true that I've been known to be totally addicted to trash TV. So mixing a reality show format with paranormal and heat - I'm there, baby!

Speaking of being there: Jaci and I will be part of a group of lovely authors who will be at the Tulsa 71st Street Barnes and Noble Friday, Feb. 9, @ 7:00, to celebrate the lovers' month with a fun party and book signing. Please stop in and see us!

Here's the info about Jaci's new release:

Kai steadfastly refuses to tell us the purpose of his unexpected visit until the new High Priestess joined us