Friday, October 04, 2013

Bonnie update!

Well, since the draft horse classes are short at the fair this year, Bonnie's big costume class is probably going to go off early.  So if you plan to cheer her on, be at the show barn about 9:00ish.  I'll be scrambling not to miss her!!



Géraldine said...

Hello PC!

I wish you a nice day at Tulsa's fair!
About your previous post: it's a nice surprise to see that you're also an artist as well as a writer! How long have you been creating your artworks? I hope your exhibition went well!
Is it still ok if I send pictures (me wearing my new HoN t-shirt!) through Dusty's email adress?


PC Cast said...

Hey there Geraldine! I got into photography through research. I started taking photos of real places to fictionalize, and then I realized how much I enjoy it. I've been beading for years - and it was Kristin's idea to mix the two together! The exhibit was awesome. I'd love to see your HoN shirt pictures! I'll even post them if that's okay with you! Just reply to this with your email address and I'll email you from my address so you can send them directly to me. Dusty says hi!

PC Cast said...

Geraldine - p.s. I won't post your email address though!

Unknown said...

I cannot wait till the movie comes out. Im reading the very first book (3rd time) reading the whole series.
Took me me about 8-10 months. I wish i had a time machine.

Carrie said...

How did Bonnie do at Tulsa's fair? Since I am a lover of horses and have grown up with them my entire life, I have something special that I am pretty sure you will absolutely LOVE!!! In Myakka City, FL, they have a Lipizzan farm!!! The Herrmann family has been breeding and putting on shows for a very long time. I have been visiting Sarasota, FL for years and have just now stummbled upon this jewel! I got to watch their show and take a personal riding lesson on one of the stallions! The website is
I would like to send you some pictures, but I don't know what email to send them to. Hope you are just as excited as I was! I have always been obessed with this breed ever since my mom showed us the "Miracle of the White Stallions" Walt Disney movie.