Friday, May 07, 2010

Tour Silliness!

At the Tulsa signing (Kristin hiding behind BURNED. I'm taking the picture.
Jaclyn and and Kristin (not MY Kristin) in shirts they made! In Victoria, Canada, eh!
Cutie Avril in Victoria!

We had a great time on tour! Portland was lovely (oooh! shopping!). We stayed at The Nines hotel downtown. It was wonderful!!! And the Farmers' Market restaurant was To Die For.
Vancouver was great, too, and it was during our event (in a church - I worried about lightning strikes) that a very knowledgeable kid told Kristin and me about the buffet ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. As we were heading to Victoria the next day, we held a mini-Cast rebellion, went AWOL from the 6:00 am plane flight, and took the super cool ferry whilst we grazed through the buffet and gazed at the beautiful scenery. Below is video proof. Nope, I don't know why the dang thing turns sideways...
So now we're home for a little while. Off to the Books & Books on Grand Cayman Island May 15th.



Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I sent you a comment in your last post, but I figured I should ask here instead since It's maybe easiest to answer the comments here!!
It's okay. But I'd really love to know the last names of Kramisha and Darius? Not for anything than my own curiousity. But the rest will be revealed in it's own time!
I really love your books, and the faith in Nyx actuallyy makes me think of wicca. Also, I do have a feeling Kilona is not really all evil. It's gonna be intresting to se what happens to him!!!

Unknown said...

hi PC
i have a question
the kids with the tattoos please tell me that they really didnt tattoo their faces like that because it must have hurt!!!!!
ok i know i may sound like the outsider but can someone tell me how they did it if they really didnt tattoo their faces!
BIG fan Teresa

RosyCheeks said...

Glad you girls are enjoying your tour!
Just wanted to say glad you girls were able to come to Portland.
I know you probably don't remember me but it was great meeting you two.
Something I'll never forget!
Thank you and I love the House of Night Series!

-Tatyana :)

Anonymous said...

RE: Teresa.
I doubt they ACTUALLY tatooed their faces. They probably just drew on them with marker or maybe facepaint.
Hope that answers your question, even though I'm not P.C. :]

PC Cast said...

Leonora - Darius and Kramisha don't have last names. They chose to change to just one name when they were Marked.

Teresa - uh, no. People aren't tattooing their faces. They draw the "Marks" on with everything from lip/eye liners to face paint. Common sense, please.

Xx...Katie...xX said...

omg that is soo cool! Sounds like you had a great time there! I cannot wait until you are going to come to the UK :D I would draw the 'Marks' on myself, but my parents may flip lol!! Hope to see you soon,
omg teresa you made me laugh lol!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much PC!

Unknown said...

thanks PC!!
i know i havent really used my brain a lot thanks for the books your an amazing author!!!!

PC Cast said...

Teresa - DON'T ADMIT TO NOT USING YOUR BRAIN, child. Just start using it. A lot. You'll thank me in 10 years.

Amber - I didn't post the site you sent me with the HoN products because they are ripping me off. None of those products are sanctioned by me, which means selling them without my permission is stealing from me. My attorneys are in the process of shutting all of that down. So, as a favor to me, please wait until you see shirts, etc., available through the website and/or my site to buy. Then you'll know they have my okie dokie. Of course the lovely Fire Goddess at is my exclusive jeweler for cool HoN stuff.

Unknown said...

Thanks PC a million times more!!!
Ok, i'll just say that i had my "oh duh" day today!! thanks anyways for answering my silly question and giving me some advice! I love your books and i cant wait for more!

Xx...Katie...xX said...

hmm..All of these pictures and you have inspired me to draw some 'marks'..and zoey if i can.. :D I really want to start to draw some of the h.o.n characters!! I hope they turn out good :D
PC you really do inspire people :D
Thanks for being the best,

Xx...Katie...xX said...

oh yeah, i meant to say.....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!! for tomorrow!!!..or today...(wow time differences are soo dang confusing!oh yeah, and you've taught me to say dang :DD) Hope you have a brilllo day and get some brillo pressies!!
Big hugs and hearts,
Luv Katie
(ur absolute no.1 fan from the UK. I know you've heard that alot, but i truuuuuuuley mean it :D)

HaleyHON said...

I met you in Victoria, and I had a great time =] Thanks so much for taking the time out to come, and please make sure to come back!

Silly quesiton, but if you remember me at all can you tell me? It would make me happy, haha:) I was in a blue hoodie, and I told you I cried 5 times in Burned, but I forgot which parts (but now I remember)

PC Cast said...

Yes, Haley, of course I remember you. And Kristin and I will definitely come back to Canada!

HaleyHON said...

Oh yay! Good, good.
Cause I was kinda sad that I didn't get a picture with you guys! =P

iloveHON ;) said...

oh okay thanx.. I dod think it was a bit of a rip off, cos it was £40 for a hoodie! well thanx and I'll keep a look out :) I'll tell my freind that too xx

Amber xx

Ang from Oz said...

Hey PC, guess what I am finished Burned. So I was all set to email you (like you told me to) and then I was like... which email address to I use?

The one I have saved is the phyl@....... or do I use the
castseries@ or something else?
Let me know!

Marked4Life said...

Hey PC

I wrote a song for your books, [well it fits for marked] and i was wondering who i could email it to in order for you to read it?

i worked some time on it so i hope that i can get it to you some day :D

Keep on writing! can't wait for awakened!


bencesagodi said...

Hello there!

My comment isn't related to this post, but I want to thank You for this world. <3 I love it, these are my favourite series. Love you, P.C. and Kristin. (:


PC Cast said...

Hi Ang! It's the one that starts with phyl.

Chantelle - I know you have only the best intentions, but writing for another author's world without being given permission to do so by the author is copyright infringement. And I have already written Zoey's Song and another from Kalona's point of view. So it's a nice thought, but I have the writing taken care of. I wish you all the best!

Marked4Life said...

:O oh my i really didn't know that i am so sorry!
i bet yours are really good tho :)

sorry :( :(

xox chantelle

Xx...Katie...xX said...

hey PC:D
How was mother's day? Are you having a good day? I hope you have not been working too hard! PC, I really cannot wait anymore :( my birthday's taking too long! Everyone's talking about how amazing burned is and I'm feeling so left out!! Well..i suppose patience is a virtue..Hope you're good :)
Luv Katie
p.s. oh yeah, any news of the UK tour dates yet? :D

AH said...

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies! I am LOVING ths book. I'm a second-generation Scot (Scots dad came over to the US in 1960) and the Scots-speak is wonderful, along with the settings.

I am enjoying the repeat of multi-POV and the dialogue ties between the characters and chapters. I'm putting it down for the weekend, though, so I have a little left to enjoy before the wait for the next one. Blessed be.

PS -- Took the ferry on that BC passage one time and had to buy clothes when I arrived because it was 20 degrees cooler in Victoria than Vancouver and I didn't have a jacket. Did you do high tea at the Fairmont?

Ang from Oz said...

Okay email has been sent PC, I really truly loved BURNED, the series is getting more complex book by book. And I just love the mythology you bring to everything you write. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. ;)

Unknown said...

All I have to say is STARK IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!

Hanaa HoN!(: said...

Hello I am Hanaa. I love your books! House of Night is my favorite series and I've been getting all of my friends to read them. I thought I would tell you guys how cool I think the books are becoming and it would be so cool if you guys visited Southern California on a tour. I would love to meet my favorite authors. Have a nice day (:

NathanYoung said...

Well, to start off, I am indeed a descendent of the male sex and I have to say that I thoroughly love your novels. Your work is simply ravishing. As HanaaAlzoubi previously stated, it would be an honor for you to come down to Southern California (Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange County) or anywhere at your own convenience.

Much Obliged,
-Nathan Young

Guiomar said...

Hi PC!
I've read in some webs that in Oct 26th the Fledgling Handbook is gonna be published.
I didn't give credit to them because I haven't read anything in your blog or in the official web but they even give the cover:
So, I'd like you to tell me if that's truth or just another rumor, please
ps: cool photos lol

JBieberLUVER said...

Oh My GOD!!! :D well do you guys plan on ever coming to michigan, because i know a lot of people that would love it if you did!!! YOU GUYSS ARE AWESOME!!! :D cant wait to start reading burned!!!!! (cant read it right now im grounded from reading these "silly books" <- mother's words) cant wait till june 13th!! :D cant wait till awakened either

Nataliya said...

Hi! I hope I'm not too annoying: I'm reading Burned now and in chapter 9 there is an indication of Caoinic Shi...Who is that character and the fact is that I just can't find ANY information about this Caoinic Shi in the internet that is why I hope some one could help me and explain this to me...Thanks a lot!!!

HaleyHON said...

I can answer that for you, Nataliya!:) The Caonic Shi isn't a characater, it's a being who never rests, it's what they described Zoey would be if her soul hadn't gotten put back together. That's why in Burned, while she was in the Otherworld she was always moving in some way.

Unknown said...

Hi! I was just wondering how we could get possible movie ideas to whoever needed them. My friend got me started on the books and she and I have come up with the perfect cast. Could you please direct us to whoever we need to be directed to. Thanks for writing a great series and can't wait until the next one. ;P

PC Cast said...

Hi Nathan! Glad to hear from another male reader!

Airis - Yes, THE FLEDGLING HANDBOOK will be released Oct 26h. I'll do an entire post on it pretty soon and give more details. Right now I'll just say it's super cool and illustrated! Oooh!

Natalyia - As Haley explained, the Caoinic Shi is a being I made up. It's based on ancient Gaelic words that kinda mean fairy-like and ghostly. Then I changed them around. So, you won't find anything about them.

Haley - thanks for helping!

Candice - Michael Birnbaum at Empire Pictures is my producer. I'm sorry, I can't give out his contact information.

Nataliya said...

HaleyHON - oh, thank you so much for your explanation!

PC Cast - thank you greatly, now I understand.

The problem is that I am from Russia nad I read all the books in the original as I can't wait when they appear in Russian...
That's why I've decided that Caoinic Shi was some mythological character...

Thanks a lot,

Thais Padalecki said...

Hi PC.
And how goes the journey? photos are very nice. I wonder when you give the air of grace here in Brazil. As I am waiting for the other books being published here, I annoy you to know when will come here. And if this of you planning to visit Brazil. Kisses from one of thousands of fans who adore you. TeamZoey&ErikNight

xorooxo6 said...

omygosh this is so cool!!!! that's me and my group of friends!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!! pc you are freaking amazing!!!!!!! you probably don't remember me.. my name's cicily and I did all of those kids make-up in the top picture in Tulsa! I also wanted to thank you for my dark daughters necklace!!! I wear it every day!!! ahhh this makes my life!!! anyway I love every series you've written! and I cannot wait for more of your books!
love cicily

Unknown said...

hello there ms. cast,
I was reading through the posts and saw that people are ripping you off by selling products with your logos and such on them.I also found a site with this content on it. If you'd like the link let me know. I think it is stupid of people to rip you do not deserve it.

Also, I just wanted to say i love your books. I can't wait to see were the story goes! Also will you be coming to Ontario at any time?
Your Fan,

PC Cast said...

Hi Emma,
Yes, please send me the link privately to my email: My attorneys are in the process of shutting down thieves. Thank you for your loyalty!


Unknown said...

No Problem!
I've sent the link your way!


Unknown said...

Hey there, I have just finished reading Burned for the second time (i always read books twice cause you pick up on bits you missed the first time) :P but anyway I just want to say the Burned is a really nice book, when i finished it, it brought a huge smile to my face :D the relationship between start and zoey is fantastic and so romantic (I think!) i love your series and really looking forward to the next book ^^
take care

Felicia said...

I just wanted to leave you a comment and let you know that I'm in love with the house of night series. I just recently bought all of them in hardcover for myself! I can't wait for Awakened. Do you know how soon it will be out? I'm obsessed! :) Thank you to you and Kristin for being such amazing writers. Keep doing what your doing!

Irene said...

I love the house of night series and in the yearbook on the house of night website, the guy who is stark is really awesome. he's hot :)
Do you have any idea what the real name of the guy who plays stark is?
I really want to know. Just for me and my friend's curiosity.


PC Cast said...

Irene - sorry, I don't have a clue who the Stark model is.

Irene said...

hi PC
i have a question. on the House of Night website yearbook, who is the guy that is stark? In other words, the guy who is also on the tempted cover. I'd really like to know.
Not for anything else. just my own curiosity.
If you do know, could you please tell me?


Unknown said...

Oh My Gosh I <3 The New Book Burned!!
I Was Reading It And Listening To My Ipod (Idk Why) And The Song "Anthem of the Angels" By Breaking Benjamin Came On And It Perfectly Fits The Book!! Mostly Btw Stark And Zoey. Listen To It And You'll See What I Mean!!

PC Cast said...

Start is in the foreground of the TEMPTED cover, Heath is in the background. The website and the covers aren't the same thing.

Alexis110 said...

Heey PC, im a big fan of the HON world! Quick question, whens some sneak peek or info coming out on AWAKENED?! Is there a cover yet?

Unknown said...

Hey, PC! please, please, please come back to the UK and maybe come to nottingham, i know me and my friends would be soooooooo excited to get the books signed! :D

Unknown said...

i miss jack...