Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bad GLEE pics, but still...

Oooh! Glee was amazing! I was up in the front, center of the mezzanine - nice seats but they made for crappy pictures. Still, for your viewing pleasure:

Outside waiting to get in.

All the Gleek stuff for sale inside (yes, I bought a tee shirt!).

Inside the super cool Radio City Music Hall!

The cast of Glee performing! (Yes, I know it's not a good picture...sorry...)


iloveHON ;) said...

wow, it doesn't matter about the pics being bad, as long as you had a good time :)
I personally son't like glee but my freinds like it and at least you had a good time :)

P.S did anyone recogniise you? x

Amber xx

PC Cast said...

Hi Amber,
No, no one recognized me. I was totally incognito! I wasn't PC Cast last night - I was Phyllis, Total Gleek. Hees.

BookNerd said...

Am very jealous that you got to go and see them live, looks like a lot of fun :)
They're not playing the UK so am settling for looking at other peoples pictures and videos, looks super good though :)

Xx...Katie...xX said...

PC!!! omg i am like sooooo madly jelous!! you are so lucky! i wish i was there!! LOL PC! heehee! If I were Gleeky I would use my real name...Katherine...Kaite sounds better lol! for so many reasons, I wish that i lived in the US..nobody ever comes to the UK! i miss out on EVERYTHING...:( hope you had a good time!

oh yeah, ps. have you found out any times/dates for the UK yet?

xxxxxx <3 xxxxxxx

Beth Blair said...

Radio City is gorgeous, I spent many a christmas season within those walls. Thanks for showing me a bit of home.
By the way... THANK YOU again for writing your books. The telltale of a good book is the crossing of generational gaps and you have it here. I'm looking forward to the next installment of the HoN series and since you mentioned Brighid... I am going to have to find that one too.

Unknown said...

Hi P.C im such a huge fan, can you please email me (:

Thanks a bunch!

Unknown said...

We also watch Glee in Brazil!I'm soo jealous right now!I hope you had a great time there =)
Btw,if I were you I would have jumped on stage and gived Cory and Chris a big hug cause they're too cute for words! hee hee xxxxxx

PC Cast said...

Katie - don't know when I'll be in the UK yet. It depends on my writing schedule. The new book is my priority, so I have to get it well underway before I make plans for another tour.

Beth - I LOVED Radio City. Such a gorgeous place!

Alyssa - this is where I interact with fans, not through email.

Jennifer said...

I would have purchased a t shirt too - I am a total GLEEK!

molly. said...

I had a wonderful time too! I saw them on Sunday night and I was three rows from the stage. It was absolutely amazing. We got wonderful pictures and the experience was incredible.

Ang from Oz said...

Hey PC,
Guess what I just came across in the shops? All new paperbacks of the HON books!! And the special thing about them... They all have coloured pages, like on the edges. (does that make sense?) Blue, pink, green, organge... very nice! Have you seen them?

Jess F. said...

Looks like a great show! You lucky duck you! =0)

PC Cast said...

Hey there Ang - yep, I have a set. They're lovely, aren't they!

Brianna said...

Hey, I know you expect people to actually comment about your glee pics but I just thought you were more likely to read this if I posted it on one of your older blogs, sorry.
I wrote a short story for english class and I think it really reflects my writing abilities. As I aspire to be an author and you are my favorite author your opinion would mean a lot. I know you don't have time to read everything your fans send you but it isn't too long and I would be grateful if you could find a little time to read it then maybe give me a few tips on how to improve?
I love your books, can't wait for the 8th installment of the House of night!!! I am currently reading Divine by blood and it ROCKS!
Tell Kristin I said Hi.
Brianna xxx

PC Cast said...

Hi Brianna,
It's not just that I don't have time to read unpublished work, which I don't. It's that my opinion can not get you published - agents and editors opinions can. I see from your other post that you went to my archive advice for aspiring authors. That should help you get started. I wish you all the best of luck.


Xx...Katie...xX said...

Ok!thanks PC! Can't wait to see you when you come to the UK :D Good Luck with the writing and i cannot wait until Jan!!!
xxx <3 xxx

M said...

Cool! Wish I could've seen it too... I absolutly adore Glee. Jesse's my fav, and I hate him for going totally bad now in the last episode.

What I really wanted to ask you, was if you had gotten inspiration from the Outlander series for Burned. I mean, with the scottish and all that. The guardian who helped Stark go to the brink of death reminded me of Jamie Fraser, the hero of the Outlander series, and Brighid of his daughter Brianna. I had to ask you - I am a huge fan of both series, Outlander and HoN, so I just had to ask! And just for the record, if you haven't checked Outlander series out yet, do so. They are absolutly amazing, written by Diana Gabaldon.

I am looking forward to Awakened and I know you're going to do a great job with it! Especially with the Stark parts... hehe ;)

Good Luck with the writing!

Karen said...

Hey PC,
This doesn't have anything to do with Glee.(but I love it!)
But I have to no, is the cover on facebook for Awakened the real one, or just fan-made.
Because it looks real to me & to a lot of other people

Unknown said...

hi ms. cast!
I've heard that the release date for awakened is supposed to be released on January 4, 2011. I know that the audio book is said to be released on that date as well. Anyway I was wondering if that is the actual release date for the book.

Thais Padalecki said...

Hello PC.
Which audio book Emma are talking about?
Kisses from your Brazilian fan...

PC Cast said...

Mets - I love me some OUTLANDER, but the inspiration for BURNED came from my man, who is a Chieftain of Clan Wallace.

Flexy-tex - the US cover of AWAKENED is not created yet, so whatever is circling around the internet is bogus.

Emma - yes, the release is January 4th, and it should be simultaneous with the audio.

Thais - Emma is talking about the audio of HoN.

L C Oliveira said...

I love your books that I would soon chegace zoyler new adventures and his gang and my favorite character and Steve Ray Dami want your series has never happened so I know how each day's zoyler and his gang until the last day in the abode of the night
this is crazy because I used the google translator
kisses a fan of Brazil
soon my book is ready and will hopefully algan├ža at least one percent of your success