Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quick Correction

Oopsie - Seems our event at the Camana Bay Books & Books on Grand Cayman Island is at 4:00 today, Saturday, May 15th, and not 7:00 today. Good thing I double checked...

Hope to see a bunch of you this afternoon!



Leslie said...

You guys should come to Indiana

Ang from Oz said...

While we're at it then, you guys should come to OZ (LOL) Wish I could make it PC.

Xx...Katie...xX said...

Hi PC!
i just wanted to ask if you had any news about when you are coming to the UK :D and also I can finally start to read BURNED on wednesday as my birthday is finally getting nearer! I cannot wait to read it!
Thanks for being the best!
Love Katie

Unknown said...

Hey PC
I just read a mail where this link was:
I think it is really unfair that you have to live in the USA to enter the contest. I am a huge fan, I have read all the books in the HoN series and I love them, and I would love to be a character in Awakened. I live in Norway and I hope you guys will come here one day :)
You are a an amazing author :D
Love Thea

Unknown said...

Since you cannot give out the contact information, maybe you can help. Here is a link to our dream cast. Could you give it a look and tell me what you think? If you like it could you relay it to whoever is over the casting?

I'm About To Break. said...

Hi PC!
Are you going to be coming to Ireland? Please Please Please?
Burned is awesome (:
Love Robyn



Gabrielle said...

Oh my gosh, I thought your release date was May 28th for some reason AND NOW I WANNA HURT MYSELF BECAUSE IT'S BEEN WEEKS THAT THE BOOK'S BEEN OUT! I'M GOING TO GET IT! Also, I saw you on November 5th at Barnes and Noble, soo cool.

<3 <3,

PS. Why don't you have your follower's page up, i wanna follow your blog! Follow mine?

Rach said...

PC, Burned was so different from your other books it was very descriptive and alot of battle it lost alot of the high school sense and taken on a whole new world. I was wandering if the books to come will ever go back to school life or if this was a turing point for the HON DONT get me worng i love your books and order them asap always one of the first to have them i was just wandering!!! Hope to hear from you Thank you so much

Thais Padalecki said...

Hi PC!!!
I come again to ask, have you seen for Brazil?
Because if they do I would be first in line to have the autograph of you in my book. Kisses and good night.

Unknown said...

Hey just wanted to say that your books are great! I enjoy reading them. I can't wait till akwakened..
You guys should do a tour in Illionis or Indiana somewhere around here.. I would really love that.. Thanks:)

and again I can't wait till akwakened. I already have the date in my calendar.:)

Xx...Katie...xX said...


ishmail said...

i'd firstly like to say a thank you for your series of house of night novels but i'd also like to say i'm not impressed havin to wait after readin all 7 books whilst my new born baby sleeps. Its my only relaxation an i have to wait, please hurry. Thank you again for writing such an amazing series.

Unknown said...

Hey P.C.

Lots of People on...

are wondering who the people are who model the characters on

Thanks, Helen

PC Cast said...

Sorry, I don't know their names.