Thursday, January 23, 2014

More novella talk! LENOBIA'S VOW!

This novella was a complete delight to write! I began by taking a wonderful trip to New Orleans (met my Goddess Summoning editor, Christine Zika, there!) to research the history of that beautiful city. During my research I was intrigued by the historical record of daughters of French nobility being sent to marry highborn French men who had relocated to New Orleans. What an exciting, frightening time that must have been! Then I began to imagine what an excellent opportunity a faraway arranged marriage could be for a bastard daughter of nobility – and that’s how LENOBIA’S VOW was born! Of course I wove in the romantic, bittersweet story of the great love of Lenobia’s life, brining her full circle to today’s House of Night where her love does, finally, find her again! Some of you know that I am a horsewoman, and I love adding equine details to my novels. Travis’s Big Bonnie is based on my awesome Percheron mare, Bonnie. It was an added delight to be able to mention the foundations of my favorite horse breed, the Quarter Horse. I loved all the illustrations in this novella (by my good friend Kim Doner), but this one of Martin and Lenobia is special to me. Hope y’all enjoyed reading LENOBIA’S VOW as much as I enjoyed creating it! XXXOOO PC


GĂ©raldine said...

Hi PC!

As you know, Lenobia and her story are my favorites of the HoN series; I love everything about her, and would dream to have the same gift, being also a horsewoman (sadly, I just have the long blond hair and the height..).
Do you know that her peculiar story, from France to Louisiana, echoes the French immigration waves we very well know in my area, Poitou-Charentes? In the Archives center I work in, we regularly see Americans visiting France to go back to their Acadian ancestors who departed from Poitou during the 1st immigration wave of early 17th century. I'm always glad to meet them!
Big hugs for Bonnie and all your lovely horses!


Unknown said...

Hi PC!

Lenobia's Vow is incredible an very heart warming until the end. Lenobia eventually loved again though. Travis seems handsom in my mind. An Bonnie sounds so majestic can't wait for Kalona's Fall an Redeemed. Please make more after those books the HON series is just so amazing. An when is the Movie coming out I'm gonna draw a red crescent on my forehead when it does!!