Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year! And THANK YOU!

I want to send a big THANK YOU to my fans who have been so supportive and excited about our HoN Ritual Candles! The feedback has been wonderful, and they've been selling like crazy! Despite the terrible weather in Oklahoma, we managed to get several shipments to Amazon, so you guys can order order order! Thought you might like to see how I have one of my sets displayed in my office. Again, thank you! I heart HoN fans! (p.s. We're working on getting overseas shipping.) XXXOOO PC HERE'S A LOVELY NOTE FROM MY CANDLE PARTNER,GABE, TO ALL OF YOU: "I, too, would like to thank all of the HoN fans. We have been overwhelmed with the response. I oversee the production of these candles. I can attest that these candles are individually hand poured here in one of the most historic parts of Tulsa (Cherry Street!), by a very small group of candle makers who are dedicated to helping en"lighten" the world. We infuse each and every candle with energy that is full of light and love. We meditate over every daily batch and ensure that you are all getting the cleanest, most pure candle that coincides with what PC and Kristin's fans deserve. We know…we are fans ourselves! The scent, color, wax, infusion and packaging are all assembled by human hands and charged with only the highest most positive vibrations. We have done everything in our power to keep the costs down and are working on getting them available internationally ASAP. We love that so many fans are loving them. We wish you all the happiest new year every!!!"


GĂ©raldine said...

I hope the overseas shipping will work, these candles look beautiful!
Again, happy new year!