Friday, November 16, 2012

J'aime la France!

After being utterly charmed by Bordeaux I'm all rested and un-jet-lagged and getting ready to head to Paris! But I have to say, Bordeaux has captured my heart... See you soon! PC


Noobular said...

Bordeaux is beautiful, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D I will always love Germany more though :) hehe x

Tereza said...

Wow, Bordeaux looks like a beautiful place. And I hope you have a lovely time in France!!!

Unknown said...

ooh you're soooo close to the Netherlands (not really, but if you look on a map it's just a few centimeters, or inches as you say ;) )

France is indeed very beautiful. Although I have to agree with Noobular, Germany is great too.
And the food is much better in Germany (atleast you don't have to look through a magnifier befor you can start eating. sorry if I sound negative, it's just the food that isn't so good in france ;) )

I hope that you have a geat time in france ,you seem to have a lovely time already, enjoy ;)
Say hello to Kristin for me.

XXX Belyse

Anonymous said...

How do we send in snail mail? PC you have become an inspiration and I would love to send you a personal letter! If you only accept emails, may I have your email to send it to you? Have a great time in France!

xoxo Frankie

Géraldine said...

Glad you love France PC!
It looks like you're in front of Venus!
So Bordeaux captured your heart? Well, maybe it will inspire you for another novel one day! And maybe it will also make you come back for some holiday..

And before you leave Bordeaux, you must taste some "cannelé bordelais" (it's a pastry). Three words: to die for!


BrittanyChel'e said...

Have fun in Europe! All of us HoN fans in Tulsa are so proud of you gals!

Violet_Feather said...

So beautiful and enchanting....