Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In France!

I'm in lovely Bordeaux enjoying some restful time before our tour begins. LOVE FRANCE! See you in Paris soon! XXXOOO PC


GĂ©raldine said...

Wonderful PC!

I was once in Bordeaux for my job, it's a lovely town. You're not very far from where I live, hee-hee!
Do you plan to visit other towns "off-tour" to discover France?

I see two wine glasses: we Frenchies have sooo many good wines! Enjoy!!

See you next week in Paris


Unknown said...

You have lots of french readers waiting for you...
I'll be really happy to meet you.

Amber Terry said...

I wish I could tag along! That would be so amazing to be able to go to France. Hopefully auditions will start soon and I can audition for Stevie Rae like I've been driving for for months now. (:

Thanks for letting this be possible, PC. Hope you have a blast!! Tell Kristin hi for me. <3

-Amber Terry for Stevie Rae Johnson.


PC Cast said...

Geraldine - you Frenchies do indeed have LOTS of good wine! I am sampling and sightseeing! The weather has been wonderful - and the people are so nice, even as I attempt to use my terrible French!

See y'all soon!

Noobular said...

I wish I could come, I'm so poor though haha hope you're having fun and sight seeing lots and lots ^_^ xx

iz said...

when I went to Bordeaux, it was so lovely... Enjoy your trip it seems like fun! ;)

Jennifer said...

Hello PC! My name is Natasha. I live in Chicago, and if you can answer me one question I will be grateful. Kalona said that Neferet is wealthy and can purchase privacy. Her money comes from her salary as High Priestess, or we're going to discover this in her novella? I cannot wait to NEFERET'S CURSE.

Noobular said...

You'll love Germany, I've travelled over from England twice to perform, one of the times was in duseldorf, it's beautiful and even better nearer to Christmas time ^_^ I love acting and its such a beautiful backdrop and the theatres are so rustic and unique, I hope you enjoy it and I wish I could see you, but I'm really low on funds right now and have so much work to do haha have fun and enjoy it ^_^ xx

Unknown said...

P.C Cast, will you be coming to Orlando, Florida at all in the nearest future?