Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank you!

Thanks to your support Kristin raised the most money for the Tulsa SPCA! Over $5,000!!! Here she is with her dog, Mo, at the announcement ceremony. And here are my very shaggy looking Scotties, Cameron and Chloe, there to support Kristin and Mo!

Yea for the SPCA!



Kristin Cast said...

I just want to thank everyone so much! I couldn't have reached this goal without you and the money raised is going to help hundreds of animals in need! Thanks again! We really have the best and most supportive fans!


Frankie said...

YAY! congrats to you both!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Ok so then I know. It's really a pity they don't make illustrated books into audiobooks. They could... I don't know, maybe explain the pictures or something like that.
So who is who in the picture of the two dogs Marlon Brando and Anna Nicole?
I guess it's Marlon Brando you call Mo, so what do you call Anna Nicole? And what breeds are they? A friend of mine said the dog lying down underneath the other looks like an english bulldog and that the other could be an amstaff mixed with something else. Is that right?
Just curious. Love dogs myself!!


PC Cast said...

Leonora - Kristin has 3 dogs. The two in the original post pic are her bulldog, Marlon Brando, and her Pitt mix rescue dog, Anna Nicole (who we call Nana). The black and white dog in the picture with Kristin on this post is Mo, another dog she rescued.

Anonymous said...

Btw, forgot to say congrats! The cause is really awesome! I think it's really important!!!
So what breed is Mo?
Sorry! I thought Marlon and Mo were the same dog. Didn't get a chance to ask anyone about the last pic!

stevierae#1 said...

Hey i am glad that you raised alot of money, i love all animals and i try to help out where i can. I never gave any money to help but if you want you can email me on and i can donate as much as i can and also i can try and get some friends and family to help raise some money for you.

James x

PC Cast said...

Ooops! Sorry I left out Mo details! He's a black and white mixed Blue Heeler. Verrrry busy breed...