Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Oooooh! Check it out!

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New, never-before-seen line! awakened_glow


"You know what, Erik?

All I'm gonna say to you is this:
evil wins when good folks do nothing."
- Stevie Rae




Remy said...

I got it by email :D
This is sooo exciting !
i wonder if Erik wanted to do nothing.... :\

Scarly said...

OOOOO, thats so cool, cannae wait for Awakened :)

WOW first post :)

Unknown said...

I'm going to take a stab at the dark and say that's Stevie Rae's answer to the quote from Erik you gave us a few weeks back. Makes sense, Erik's logic only works for bullies.

Hi, big fan of HoN. You're doing a great job with the series in my opinion. Thankfully I'm more patient than others but definitely looking forward to the rest of the series.

Domonique said...

I can't wait until Awakened comes out in January.I just love the HON series.Love the post.

Royce said...

Omg! Pc?! Is Erik seen as the bady again? Poor guy never gets a break! It's ALWAYS been *TEAM ERIK* :)

Beth Blair said...

my dear sweet PC! I am on pins and needles. I can't wait to read it.

mean mom productions said...

Hot Dog Pc!! Can't wait!

Gary Schubert II said...

Wow. It is almost time for the book. Hard to believe I was in Iraq for the last book release. How time flys lol.

Ms Cast. Thank you for your service. Have a blessed Veteran's day.


Anonymous said...

You GO Stevie Rae!!Heck ya :)
Im soooo EXCITED!I cant wait For AWAKENED!!!

Love you PC.Cast
your the Best!!!!

Lissa Richmount said...

OMG! Awakened is going to be the best book ever!

Ali said...

Can't wait for the book!!! I think the HoN series is one of the best series out there!!! I hope Zoey gets together with Stark because I've always loved him!!! At least he sounds really hot in my mind!!! lol Think you're the best!!! =D

PC Cast said...

Hey there Gary! Happy Veteran's Day right back at ya! Glad you're home!

Remy said...

@dtgrooms: I think you are right :D
You mean this quote

"...what if all the good folks leave and evil gets bored playing all by itself and goes home, too?"

Unknown said...

I have a question. Who is the modle on the House of Night website that plays James Stark??!!!!!!!!!!

bossman said...

this is the best series of books ive ever read, I'm kinda anoyyed that awakend comes out next year but dw i can wait, I've read each book like so many times my fav is untamed thank you P.C and Kristin for creating the best series evah!!!

Unknown said...

I see you ladies are now up to book #8. I love the series but is there going to be an ending in site to this story?

PC Cast said...

Nicole - I have no clue.

Melissa - I know the ending. Not sure how many books it will take to tell it, though.

hon lover said...

OMG! Does that perhaps mean that eric is going to go to the dark side?! I wouldn't be surprised! LOL! OMG! CANT WAIT! Shivers.

Unknown said...


Lina said...

Start by saying love your work. But I have a question. And it goes like this: Is there going to be a House of Night movie? I didn't found any fan mail or what ever so i thought i write to you here instead :).
I really hope you will answer me.

Big hug from me.
Keep the up the good work!!

Lina Hansson
(I'm from Sweden, therefore the weird email.).

Angelina Esponal1 said...

P.C and Kristin Cast you guys have amazing thoughts running through your books. I really didnt think i would get into your books but im like in love with them. My boyfriend thinks its funny that i force on the books more than i force on my homework for school. Please keep writing these books you guys can go on forever with them!!!! Im like one of your biggest fan for a 10th grader.... Thanks for writing these books!! :)

PC Cast said...

Lina, in the archives of this blog I have two posts dealing with the movie questions.

Happy reading,

Unknown said...

I can't wait for Awakened to come out , I already pre-ordered my copy and i was wondering how many books there are to this series and when can we expect the next book to come out.You and your daughter are fantastic writer's and thank you for these books.

The Writer said...

Hehe cant wait til it comes out!!!!! :D!!!!!!

eslax said...

Hey P. C!
love your books. i am a huge fan and cant wait for awakened. question. do you know when the first chapter is going to be released on the website? im dying of curiosity!
i have another question. is heath going to come back in one of the other books or is his character done?
thanks and happy writing! make sure to give yourself a break every once and a while!

PC Cast said...

Not sure how many books there will be in the series. I'm just writing until the story is told.

I have no clue when my publisher is going to post chapter 1.

No, I won't answer plot spoiler questions. Jeesh.

Jessi said...

OMG, I didn't know the author of in my opinion the greatest books ever has a google blog. I am a big fan of your works, I myself want to be a writer and write novels. I am actually currently taking a Writing Craft course at my school. I am so eager to read Awakened, I can't wait till it comes out...when does it come out anyways. Well whenever it does I am so eager to reading it Keep on writing but don't forget to take breaks.

PS. Do you knowif they are making tyour books into movies

Unknown said...

Hi Mrs. PC Cast,

I just wanted to add to the thosands of compliments you probably recieve on a daily basis regarding the HON series. It truly is outstanding! I also wanted to tell you that I appreciate the fact that you take the time to answer as many fans you can on your blog posts. Your dedication to us and to your job as a writer is truly something to idolize. I have been wanting to ask you how you and your daughter manage to work so well together because when I imagine my mom and I trying to sit down together and write a book, even though we are basically best friends and very forward thinking, I would imagine our ideas clashing at times when teenage sinarios came in to play. So I was basically wondering how you both make it work easily and efficiently when writing together. I just thought of that throughtout reading the series. Again you are a writting goddess. I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Blessed be,
Danielle, age 17, Missouri

Raven said...

merry meet
merry part
and merry meet again

Anonymous said...

I cant wait!!!!!
I luv the series!!!!
i have heard rumors about a 9th book called Nyx. is this true????

Anonymous said...

I really hope that these books will turn into movies!!!!!!!! :) i luv your series and i cant wait to figure out what happens with Nefret and Kolona. i cant wait!!!!!
iluv your work P.C Cast!!!!!


PC Cast said...

Nope, book 9 is called DESTINED. Rumors usually = bullpoopie

Amina said...

I cant wait till awakened! I have two questions. Are you going to turn the series into a movie? and how many more books are you planning to write in the series, is awakened the end?

From:Amina ps, you and your daughter are great writers. I used to hate books but when I read the series, I now love them. Thanks alot.

Raven said...

This Is the best series in the world
Pc and Krinstin cast, you hav inspired me to write my own novel
Its gonna be called 'Bloodlust: The begining'

PC Cast said...

Both of your questions are answered through my blog, partially in the response directly above your post. I have two archived posts dedicated to the movie questions.

Happy reading,

Unknown said...

when are you gonna post the first chapter of awakened on the site?

Unknown said...

love this series!!! Everytme i pick up a book i read it thru till he end.. Theu just suck me in. P.c and Kristin you have done an amazing job on this series. I have read all the books thus far and am anxiously awaiting the next installment. Can't wait to see what happens next. Again you are very talented and will defiantly be looking for ur other books as well, have a happy holiday!!!

fireycrush27 said...

I can't wait to read it!!

Dandelion said...

I really hope they will post the first chapter soon. I mean it takes less than two month until the book comes out ;))

Bye, Dandelion

Holly Jukes said...

When is the UK cover out? The American's one's are always cooler :/ xxxx

teddym1305 said...

Would still like to know if this would be made into a movie series? I think it has real potential. I am a visual/media artist and every time I read these books I feel more and more connected to Zoey; it's crazy how much we have in common.. except for the obvious that I am not a vampire nor will I be.

I would love to give it a whirl playing Zoey. Even though I don't have much acting experience I think with my artistic background, and high cherokee cheekbones along side my relation to Zoey I could do a decent job!

Raven said...