Saturday, April 03, 2010

Super Jet Lagged Interviews...

Hey guys! I just stumbled across two short interview I recorded while I was in London last month. Wow. I WAS SO JET LAGGED. Holy bejezzas. I mean, I knew I was tired, but I look and sound like a zombie. And still I'm posting for your amusement! Enjoy!


mean mom productions said...

Great interview. We all have those days girl.

Could you stop by the blog? I have a post about an interview with a link myself. I could use your help thanks!

iloveHON ;) said...

p.c. I dont think you look bad at all, I think you look great, and your hair looks FAB!!
I still can't wait for BURNED to come out, oh and btw your books as well as another vampire series (mainly yours) gave me an idea to start my own book series, I have only done six chapters so far, and I have let my friend read it and she says it's good... I just hope she's telling the truth :)

keep up the good work :)
Amber xxxxxooooo *hugs* xxx

Iulia said...

Hi PC , I.m Iulia from Romania and i just wanted to say that your books are amazing! they are funny and in a way or another pretty close to reality,beacouse in this world are lots of tennagers with problems like Zoey.
Happy Easter!

Royce said...

Hey PC :)I was just curious if a Burned trailer would be made and released? The trailers always get me SO excited for the books release day!! :)

Jenny1494 said...

Question: What's Jet Lagged? LOl. I hear it a lot and I don'tklnow what that means :P Oh and I like the House of Night novels more than the Twilight Books becasuse it does seem more real and I can connect to it more. Except for the whole vampire thing lol I can't really connect to that but the books capture me and make me feel as I am in hte story and experiencing the events. I wish though that it was real haha. And in a way I can some what connect to her boyfriend life. Not that I have boyfriends or A boyfriend for that matter but I have crushes and it sucks when you like more than one guy. Everyhting gets so confusing.

PC Cast said...

iloveHON - thanks, I was having a good hair day.

Royce - don't know about a trailer. My publisher handles all of that. Just be sure you go to the HoN website and sign up for the newsletter. They send all the videos, etc., to newsletter subscribers first.

Jenny - if you don't know what something is LOOK IT UP. Jeesh.

iloveHON ;) said...

hi p.c I said in my last post that I was wrting a book of my own.. I have read the bit on author advise, but I was wondering if you had any other advise on writing a good novel that people like, seeing as you are a pro in book writing, I have a name for the series of books and i tilte for the first book, but at the moment I am having a hard time coming up with anything to put next in the book.... please help me!

Amber xx *hugs* xxxoooxxxooo :P :)

r0sie xx said...

is this new novels your writing and that havent been released yet ??
or have they already been released ??
oh and by the way i love the house of night way better than twlight because your novels have history behind them thats true x

PC Cast said...

Amber - don't worry about titles. Just write the story that's in your head. It's that simple and that complex. No one can tell you how to do it. You just have to try and try and try.

Rosie - The Partholon books (Divine by Mistake, Divine by Choice, and Divine by Blood + Elphame's Choice and Brighid's Quest), and The Avenger are all being re-released in the US, and released in the UK for the first time. Same with my Goddess Summoning Series, only it's not available in the UK until December.

iloveHON ;) said...

thanx sooo much P.C I wasn't that worried about teh titles but it just took me about three weeks to think of them, but I have done some more writing today.
I'm hoping to get them published one day, and the series will be because of you :)

Amber xx *hugs* xxoo

Jenny1494 said...

PC- I did. So it's when you body's internal clock gets messed up because people fly through different time zones? That's so cool haha. Damien should probably tutor me haha.

A_Lafont_Lurver said...


krazykelsey said...

Damien would be theeee best toutur haha :P and when i talk to onw o my friends ihave to constantly looked up words phrases etc. so im not lost

Xx...Katie...xX said...

WOW! Being tutored by Damien would be sooo cool!! He's like a dictionary on wheels lol! :P x

Izaa said...

how many books are going to be there in the house of night series?

Unknown said...

i was wondering , how many books are gonna be there in the whole series? people are saying it's 11 , is it?
and BTW why are the bookcovers different in UK? i hate it, i prefer the original ones.

PC Cast said...

There will be at least 12 books in the HoN series.

There are 6 Goddess Summoning Books with a 7th being released in December.

There are 5 Partholon books with a 6th in my head...

Jeanne Firecaller said...

Hi P.C Cast

I'm just a fan of yours. I like you and your books series House Of Night and Goddess Summoning.
I would like to ask you something, please read it. It’s not a joke.

I read your House Of Night series. (Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted)

Firstly; Why are you into legendary stories? (Joan Of Arc, King Arthur and Medea) Just curious.

Why do you put into account on characters which are in those stories?

For example;

‘ “They had attacked sacred people even Joan Of Arc..” – from Betrayed Book
‘ In fact; the campus of House Of Night was great and it seemed to me it belonged to not the 21st century but the legend of Arthur period.” – from Untamed Book
‘ “Hey the small one is Guinevere, Professor Anastasia’s cat.” – from Hunted Book
‘ I said “Medea.” without hesitation. “It is an ancient Greek tragedy in which God is wandering in the earth.” – from Hunted Book

I can’t find English edition in Turkey so I have to read their Turkish edition.

In addition; In one of your boks, you have mentioned the Round Table of King Arthur. And The Celts and Aldebaran music by Enya. You’ve also mentioned about Enya in Marked and Betrayed Books.

And The Goddess Summoning series were written due to the Ancient Greek Mythology why is Goddess of Camelot mentioned about King Arthur? I'm just wondering about that.

Secondly; Why do I tell you?

I’m 16 and as far as I have known myself. I’m really keen on the characters like Joan Of Arc, King Arthur and Medea whom you mentioned in your book.

I pay attention in your books that you and I are interested in the same things. In fact I’m interested in these things in a different way but I don’t want to write in details but I take a message from you. I can tell you some of my secrets. And I pray for that.

PC Cast said...

Jeanne - yep, I've been into mythology of many kinds for year. I was an English teacher for 15 years, and majored in literature in college. Regarding your secrets: I advice you keep them close to your heart.

Happy reading!