Monday, April 12, 2010

BURNED Tour!!!

Here are the US and Canadian and Cayman dates for the BURNED tour! Remember, we don't choose our tour places - so we can't change or add. It's a short one this time because I have to focus on writing AWAKENED. Yes, we will be in the UK, but not until later this summer.

Hope to see you there!




Tuesday, April 27 @ 7 pm
Venue: Walmart
12101 E 96th Street North, Owasso, OK 74055-5320

Thursday, April 29 @ 7 pm
Venue: Powell's Books at Cedar Hills Crossing
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97005

Tuesday, May 4 @ 7PM
Venue: Borders
2740 E 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 74114


Friday, April 30 @ 7PM
Vancouver KidsBooks
Venue: West Point Grey United Church Sanctuary
4595 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver

Tickets - $10

Saturday, May 1 @ 2:00 PM

Indigo Books and Music
Venue: Chapters, Downtown Victoria
1212 Douglas Street, Victoria


Saturday, May 15 @ 7:00 PM

Books & Books

Caymana Bay

Grand Cayman Island



Ellen said...

Hey PC :D

Will you be coming back over to Scotland anytime soon?

I understand if you don't know, since it's not really you that decides where you go. :]

Big fan, can't wait for Burned :p


mean mom productions said...

No desert states hoo

Hannadam said...

Thanks for posting your tour dates, I hope you have a great time!

Vitor said...

I love the ideia of "Burned Tour", PC.
I'm reading "Chosen" and i love every line.
I'm a big fan of yours and i wish you good luck to write "Awakened".

By the way, i wish, to you and to your daughter, good luck and a big kiss. :)

Littleirish said...

Grand Cayman Island?

LOL...What a hard life you've got there. Don't forget to visit the turtle farm if you've got time. So cute!

Loved the "Writing Out Loud" interview. So exciting about the movie's progress.

Counting down the days til "Burned"!

Anonymous said...

I know that this has nothing to do with Burned but... I was completely and utterly bummed at the end of Divine by blood! Yeah the whole Divine trilogy are awsome but i was like :O Morrigan might have been pregant with Kegans child! how could she go and do that... so yeah and the rest of the deaths there, it completely bummed me out... but in a good way. The books are awsome, and i shell to endever to read the others about Bridget and Elphame :)


Remy said...

Can't wait for BURNED!!!
We understand you need to focus on AWAKENED so work hard! "D Good luck! :D
Its OK, i can wait till you come to California or until i can travel to go meet you :D
Take care, and have fun doing the tour :D

-Sindi M.

Frazee Do said...

Oh my GOODNESS! you're finally coming to Vancouver! :D this is fantastic, can't wait to see you. :D!

Frazee Do said...

I know this might be a funny question, but are you only able to sign one book per person, because i own the whole series. :P

Unknown said...

Coming to Arizona anytime? ;)

PC Cast said...

Frazee Do - How many books we can sign depends upon the store's policy. Check with the venue and they'll let you know. See you in Canada!

Onefunkymonkey - reread my blog entry. I already answered your question.

Aishwarya Nagar said...

Hi PC Cast!

I've never really commented but I keep up-to-date with all the posts on here and firstly, totally hyped about Burned!

Secondly, will your publishers book a world tour for you , ever? Because I was wondering if you might come to India (Delhi) because I know quite a few people who are obsessed about HoN and would seriously KILL to meet you!

Ash xx

Anonymous said...

when your in the uk im defo coming!!

HarriRowEl said...

heya, um i know this is totaly un burned related but i was woundering if there was any where i could go to find out your thoughts and feelings behind the partholon series?, i just finished reading Brighids Quest and am totaly wondering whats going to hapen to partholon now! i know you might not be thinking about writting any more about it but i LOVE the series (and totaly heart the House of night series too!) soo if you could refere me to any interviews or websites that would be awersum!
Your the best author EVER P.C Cast!

Aniinhax3 said...

PC,love your books!
BTW,It's written on wikipedia that HON it's gonna have 15 books and all of them already have a title.Is that true? I never trust wikipedia lol
I heart you ;D

motionocean said...

have a nice touring :)

AlliraG said...

Perfect!! :D You're not coming to Minneapolis, but I'm moving to the UK this summer!!

Anonymous said...

Hi PC and Kristin! I am a massive fan of the HoN books and can't wait for Burned to be released :)

I just wanted to ask, do you know which areas of the UK you'll be visiting in the summer? I understand if you don't know yet.

Thanks again and good luck with the rest of the series! <3 xx

Unknown said...

Ugh! I can't travel to meet you and your not coming anywhere near me... But I still love your books. I HAVE to check out your blog to see if you updated stuff. I do that EVERYDAY!. soo excited, my teachers agree that I'm a big time reader and it took me about 4 days to read all the books. I just cannot wait until Burned comes out!!!! AHHHH!! sooooo excited!!!
I LOVE YOU!!! and the books you write! And are you going anywhere near Moorhead, Minnesota anytime??? or just in Minnesota??

Tina said...

It would be wonderful if sometime in the future you could come to New England. You have tons of fans up here!

Anonymous said...

Wish that you came to Chicago, IL. At least I am going to enjoy Burned in just a few days.

Jenny1494 said...

My heart has broken :( </3 No visit to Palm Springs :(

iloveHON ;) said...

P.C I was curious to see what wikipedia said about the house of night books, I don't normally go on there because normally its total poopie. but it said that the real location of the house of night was called Cascia Hall is this true or more poopie? I don't normally believ this stuff I was just curious

Amber xxoo :)

PC Cast said...

Cascia Hall in Tulsa is the physical inspiration for the HoN.

Xx...Katie...xX said...

hey :DD
i cannot wait for burned to come out! i just finished reading tempted!
just to ask i really wanna meet u too at a book signing! do you know when u'll be coming to the uk? i know you said late summer but do u know roughtly?
just wanned to say i hearting your books! i really wish i could write such vivid, spectacular and amazing books!
from the biggest fan EVER!, Katie :D
p.s. i heart the names you use in ur book ! xxx

Books are my life said...

ok i have a couple questions 1st during the burned tour if i go on your may 4th one do i have to buy a book there or can i bring mine if i buy mine ahead of time and are you and kristen going to be signing books or not o and last thing is awakened going to be the 8th house of night book ive read al the books and just waiting now 4 burned

PC Cast said...

Ashbluedolphin - you'll have to call the store and ask them your questions. Kristin and I just follow store policy during the signings. Yes, AWAKENED is the 8th book.

iloveHON ;) said...

oooooooooooh right, thanks, I just wasn't sure what to belive on wikipedia... thanx again :)
good luck on writing AWAKENED

Amber xxoo :) :P ^,-,^ <-- vamp!

Books are my life said...

kool thanks for that o srry but last questions i can think of do u think there will be more than 8 HoN books and do u know if and when they are/might going to make the HoN series into a movie or what on that. o and i cant wait til burned comes out.

Xx...Katie...xX said...

Hi PC!
I just wanted to ask as I now know that you are coming to the Uk in the late summer, do you have any rough idea when? I am really excited as I have only ever been to one other book signing (Julie Andrews) and I really wish to meet one of my absolute fav authors!
Maany Thaanks!

Xx...Katie...xX said...

Btw, i am very excited for awakened and wish you and Kristin good luck!

Books are my life said...

so im just wondering is there going to be a house of night movie i just really want to know i hope there wil be

Birdystef said...

Hi Kristin,

I know the first book was only released here (France) in january, but do you plan a France tour too one day??? Maybe you already have, but i'm a fan since a month only (but I have already red all the HON books and pre-ordered Burned...I'm a bit crazy about books..).
Lot of love from france to you & your mother, you're lucky to have both such a strong bond together!

PC Cast said...

Bluedolphin - I answer the movie question in several blog posts. Just check the archives.

HaleyHON said...

Eeeeek! This just made me the happiest person alive right now! Ive been praying [to Nyx;)] that you would have come here! Im bringing all 7 books! (ill have Burned by then&finished) even if you cant sign them allll, just in case! But honestly, I am the BIGGEST House Of Night Fan EVERRR. I love both you and Kristen! But one question: Can we buy the tickets at the door? Can they get sold out or will there just be like.. a huuugee line? :D:D:D:D:D SO excited now! Thanks for making my life by writing the books & now coming to Victoria! I heart you like Stevie Rae loves Kenny Chesney! -Haley:)<3

PC Cast said...

Haley - I have no idea about tickets, etc. You'll need to contact the store for details. See you there!

HaleyHON said...

Thanks so much PC! :)
Im also bringing my two friends along who I got addicted to the series!:) Cant wait!

yaaiizaa said...

Hi, I was wondering if he knew anything about this movie marked

I'm sorry I'm Spanish and I was not very good at the English


Unknown said...

ooooooooo i just read the first chapter from burned, and i want more. but i only have to wait two more days to buy it though.

and it blowes that there are never a tour where norway is included, sigh, and i can't fly all over the atlnater just to go to one book signing, well i would have, but my mom won't let me. she says it's to expencive and i'm not that hooked. hihi if she onle knew.

Unknown said...

Don't forget to come to the east coast!!! New York, Boston, and CT all want to meet u too!!!

Gary Schubert II said...

Oh i see how it is now... leave out your neighbors in Texas now huh...

j/k Great Job...

Gary & Magic

Aisha_syafira said...


Aisha_syafira said...


SR. Wani said...

Ahahahha! I loved the "eh!" thing! I'm Canadian, but go to an American school and am SO abused for saying things like "been" like "bean" and "eh" instead of "huh". LOL. ;-)


You guys need your rest. This tour sounds like fun though.

Hope you guys have a great time!

- S.

TrinaKay said...

Hey PC do you know if or when your coming to north carolina?

s, said...

Hello PC!! Well, first i would like to say that i love your books. They are amazing.. I´m from Portugal and i have 15 years old. i have to ask if Zoey will be together with Erik.. I would like to finish reading the books with a great smile and happy.. So, please.. Erik it´s perfect for Zoey..

ValerieGiselle said...

Am I gonna have to drop out of ASU and go to OU (which totes accepted me fyi) to get a signed copy of Burned?!? Come on lady come visit AZ... It’s not so bad in the winter... please?

ValerieGiselle said...

PS. the word verification said "bullpoopie" :)

Xandra said...

My family and I are huge fans of the series, and are wondering when you will be coming to the Los Angeles area?

Hopefully soon!

beckerton89 said...

Hi! I was wondering if I could have your address or an address to send a letter to you guys :) I have a class in school where I have to send a letter to a famous person or company, s I thought I would choose you! I am a 14 year old girl and my name is Becky. Im not a creeper or anything, please???

PC Cast said...

Hi Becky,
You can send mail to us through our publicist, Katy Hershberger, 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010.


Mealikins!!!! said...

finished reading burned about 5 mins ago. only got it yesterday. i was screaming halfway through GIVE REPHIAM A HOT HUMAN BOD!!! and woot, my mental yelling payed off. I LOVE STARK!!!!!!!!!!

sorry getting worked up about Burned. more more more.... i'll start reading it again in 20 mins. waiting ever so patiently for Awakened..

Ash said...

hope you come to southern California soon!! :-]