Saturday, November 07, 2009

Into my writing cave...

Okay guys - tour is over (yea for the 500+ fans who came out to show us lurve in Tulsa today! We heart our hometown fans!!!) and now I'm going to retreat to my writing cave, better known as the Highlands of Scotland, and work on BURNED. So I won't be posting for a few weeks. My website,, will be live soon - and that should be super cool. Camden and/or Kristin will be positing the winners of our art contest as soon as Kristin recovers from tour exhaustion. And I'll be back on line some time in December.

While you're waiting for BURNED (release date of May 27th), check out my newest YA, ELPHAME'S CHOICE, and (if you can watch R rated movies) my adult books which are listed in the archives here and on my website.

I'll miss y'all and be back as soon as I get a bunch of writing done! Thank you for your support and lurve.



Belindayoung said...

HEY! i love the books and everything about the books (okay so i have no idea if you read this so im freaked that im talking to the person that encouraged me to face every problem i thought would crush me and trudge on through my messy teenage life as im only 15) and so im trying just the tweediest bit to be suck up :P but what you've written about zoeys completely chaos life has tought me to be honest to everyone about everything and given me alot of cool tips on life in general NOT TO MENTION THAT ITS TOTALLY AWESOME WRITING !!! (little over the top...) i was entranced from the first line and cant wait for BURNED and as Damien would say "kill you dead.....not even going there LOL!" you an amazing writer and at somepoint i wanted to punch the book across the room honestly im not an emotinal person but you guy's writing got me seeing red wanting to crawl into a ball and cry laugh at the top of my lungs and fan myself when zoey imprinted LOL! keep up the brilliant work on BURNED and one day i wish i could meet my fave author and her amazingly talented daughter. and one day make a fool of myself in front of them ( atleast im honest) LOTS OF LUURRRVVV! xoxoxo (again lil over the top :)

Sophie x said...

Yey! I am so excited when you come you Scotland and we are honored that you choose to come here!!! Can you please let me know if you will be going past Glasgow or Edinburgh and sign stock again because I will make my mum let me take the day off school to drive me down to see you guys (or you could sign stock on a Saturday or Sunday).
Have fun!
Sophie x

Jana Oliver said...

My writing cave doesn't have the lovely scenery yours does (sniff!). Good luck with BURNED!!

Unknown said...

I haveone question...

Team Stark
Team Erik


Eliza White said...

Good Luck! hmm i guess i will have to wait for the winners of the contest *rolls eyes* have fun in the lush (not) weather in north this time of year :P

Anonymous said...

I sent the photos to your publist! ^^ I hope you had a wonderful tour and you and Kristin both need to rest up! It was nice meeting you in person and I can't wait until your next tour! Take care my friends.


Amber Lynne said...

I can NOT wait for burned, when does it come out?

Get lots of writing done for us ;D


Hesti said...

Hi PC!
I guess you won't believe if you have fan from Bali-INDONESIA!! :D
'Heart' your books soooo much. Never did in my life that i read novel which I could finish it in a night..OMG ;)It's only your books could make it.
When I read MARKED for the first time, I didn't think I was hooked for the first 10 pages :( but then.. when I reached the middle of the page...hmmmm WOOOWWWW, it's fantastic!!
Hopefully BURNED will be launched the same date as you will release it in US in May 27th.
To be truth... I learn English sooo much from your books.
Thanks, PC.. hopefully someday we can meet in BALI :)

Simply_Dina said...

Good luck with Burned P.C!
Hopes Kristin gets lost of rest!
I thought you would like to see a picture of my H.O.N jewlery but i dont know how to get it to you.. When you get a break, you can tell me where to send it.. if you wanna see it that is..
Anyway blessed be and happy writing!

Gary Schubert II said...

Many Blessings on the next book... just wanted to drop by and Say hi...

the newest army Vet...

Unknown said...

I love you're books since I bought my first one last summer(I even made my friend a big fan). Now I'm reading Tempted and I really like te way you zoom in to other characters. So awesome!

Life With Dogs said...

Enjoy your stay in the cave! :)

Chelsea Blossom said...

I've so enjoyed the House of Night series thus far! i can hardly wait for Burned.
you should read City of Bones if you ever have some spare time. wonderful book.
I was wondering.. how do you stay motivated when you start writing something? for me i just cant keep writing.. i loose motivation/interest very easily ( my ADD kicking me in the butt)

EllenWasHere said...

Back to Scotland Again? Why you must like it here.

Just Finished Tempted about 5 minutes ago. I spent about Half an hour walking around borders hugging the book and screaming with joy that it was within my possession.

I can't wait for burned (understatement)

Unknown said...

Hey guys!!! Yeah there was a lot of people at Borders on Sat. my friends and I got there before 1:30 and couldn't even find a place to park then when we went inside I couldn't believe how long the line was already. Had a lot of fun but didn't get to hear any of your questions or answers because We were so far back. I guess next time we will have to get there really early. Maybe if I am lucky I will just catch you guys out and about at the bookstore one day....but thats only if I am lucky!! Your Tulsa fans love that your home!!!! Good luck writing for there are so many people patiently waiting the next installment of your series...BURNED..Can't wait till May. love you guys!!!

Wendy said...

LOVED Tempted - read it in 2 days and am bummed to have to wait for next May for BURNED! You are a very talented and dynamic duo - how gr8 to get to work so close together!!!
Ok - so in BURNED....PLEASE do not let Heath fade away! What an awesome hottie!! Although Stark is my absolute FAV male character (even better than the other popular males out there...Edward and Jacob!). A gentleman hottie - doesn't get better than that!!! Do keep him around - WOW! Keep up the fantastic work - you leave us wanting more!

Pink-Haired Gamer Girl said...

Hi! I was really excited and glad that I was able to meet you and Kristin in person in Tulsa, thank you so much!

diamondlilly said...


Loving your work, House of Night is fantastic!

Would you mind popping into Edinburgh when you are in Scotland for a visit?

I am a massive fan and would LOVE for you to sign my copy of Marked! (I doubt you would sign them all, lol)

Good luck with burned, i'm waiting with excitement!

Lorraine xxx

rfacklam said...

hello. I was wondering first of all, if this is the real you. if so, i want you to know i cried for like 3 hours when stevie rae died and like FOREVER when loren died (even if he is a total ass) and im so glad stevie rae is alive now. i love your books so much! they are litterally THE best books that i have ever read in my whole life. no lie. too bad loren had to be murdered. its a shame. and i just hope stevie rae doesent die again. i only just finished untamed yesterday for the 3rd time. im waiting till my 'rentals take me to the bookstore or something. i NEED to get hunted. and i just CANNOT wait till burned comes out. good luck w/ that btw. well, you and your daughter are AMAZING. keep up the good work. i dont want the series to ever, ever end. oh, if its ok, can i name my son (if i ever have one) loren blake? im asking for permission, so that its not like copyrited or whatever. i just LOVE that name. did u come up w/ it or did kristin? and, can i get that sick tatoo that they get when they are Marked as a fledgling. those thing seriosly make u look good! like no kidding. and i like erik too. hes pretty damn sweet!well, i guess that like everything then.

<3 river (come to attica, ny anytime soon?)

mean mom productions said...

I love that beautiful picture of a cave. its totally awesome. I think the lighting is what makes the shot.

I can't wait for the new book. I am on untamed now. GEez, I blew through chosen. If you haven't see my thank you on birthmas topic on bitten by books. Then you might. I totally went thank you's to the extreme. Being what people call a christmas baby myself. I totally get that birthday's suck in december.

Hint: can you show readers how to make a christmas baby's birthday rock without using winter/christmas theme. that would be totally cool.

Can't wait for the announcement..since I did enter the art contest in all. I manage to get it submitted with sick kids with swine flu in my lap.. yeah me.

Unknown said...

Hi PC;
This is Kaitlyn (yet again), the girl who sent you the short story and emails. As you know, I very much want to become an author. I have been writing nearly my entire life, and absolutely love it. The only problems I’m having are to do with publishing and tweaking my work. I know that there are some things I could do better and change to improve my stories and novels, and your feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’m also looking to begin publishing some of my work, and if you have any input on where I should start, I would really love to listen. Thank you so much, and good luck on ‘Burned’!
Sincerely, Kaitlyn

Butterfly Chick said...

Sooo addicted to the searies you have no idea.... i started a bit late after the fifth one was already out but i read all five in a week and read tempted in two days cant get enough im dieing to know when burned is expected if you have an idea.... ive been searching the book site... cant wait to read it good luck!!!

Captain said...

Best of luck! :)

PC Cast said...

Jimmy - Team ZOEY.

Jana Oliver said...

You might consider joining a critique group in your town, one that can help you polish your work. You should also try to attend a writer's workshop or two. Those will help you improve your skills and give you an idea of where to go next when your work is completely polished. Pro writers (those with contracts and deadlines) are too socked to critique everyone's work. Sad, but true.

tinalinsin said...

I am a middle school language arts teacher, and I began reading the House of Night series to help supplement our current Accelerated Reader system for the students. I really enjoy the books, and my students love them. I just finished reading Tempted on my Kindle (my paper copy for the kids is on its way - I have to read it first and get it into the AR system for them). What an ending!!! I'm in such a deep, blue funk about one of my favorite characters being gone!!! It must be like losing a friend for the two of you, as well. I will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Burned next May. Thanks for all you do to help get my reluctant readers hooked!

Vampii Larissa said...

Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again! Ur books are awesom! i just bought and finished reading Tempted. I can't believe wat happened to heath. i'm dying to see the next book. For school we have to write a business letter to someone or company and i wanted it to be to you but i cant find a physical address i can send it to. Is there some physical address you can be reached at or do you want the address to be private to the public? i completely understand if you don't want to give it out.

Blessed be,
larissa S.

Vampii Larissa said...

one more thing... will there be any more art contests? And how can i enter? I was just itching to try and draw Rephaim from Tempted. I like the little hook up with stevie rae. thank you
blessed be

Anonymous said...

hey pc cast
how are you?

tjones10 said...

ok so i'm walking from my 1st to my 2nd period class with my nose pressed into the last 10 pages of TEMPTED refusing to put it down until i finished.
i recently joined the army and am totally stoked that i will have enough time to read BURNED before i leave for Basic.
Thank you so much for your inspiration spread all over the world through your writing.

Cody Michael Perry said...

Oh my goodness!!! I just finished Tempted right now and I had to contact you. At the end I was like....AHHHHH! WHAT!! OMG!!! hahaha. You and your daughter are fantastic artists. I have all the A House of Night Novels and I am SOO excited for BURNED. May 27th I am putting that into my phone right now! I have to add that you adding the gay characters Damian and his boyfriend Jack really made me appreciate the books and you two as authors so much more I had a stronger connection to them and just AH amazing amazing amazing!!! I am so excited and I do recommend your books to everyone who asks me for a good book to read. Have a fantastic day! Merry meet merry part and merry meet again hehe
-Cody Michael Perry

Spiffanie said...

I have to tell you that the House of Night series is the BEST series I have ever read. Better than Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries.. ALL of them! Thank you so much for writing them. I just finished tempted and I'm heart broken. I can't WAIT until Burned comes out!

Erin said...

Thank you so much for the great books. I was wondering if you are going to make some bookmarks to go with the House of Night series. Part of the procieds(sp) could go to Street Cats. Just a thought. I can't wait for Burned.


PC Cast said...

Vamp Larissa, etc., you can always send snail mail to me through my publicist, Katy Hersherber, St. Martin's Press, 175 Fifth St., New York, NY 10010. Remember to enclose an SASE if you want a reply.

Tjones - loved your note! Best of luck at Lackland AFB!

Erin - that's a really good idea about the bookmarks with the proceeds going to Street Cats. I'll work on it when I get back to the States.

Erin said...

Thanks I wasn't sure if you would like it or not, but I love cats. You are welcome. Have a safe trip.


Unknown said...

Dear PC Cast,

I am seriously wondering why you've been portraiting Erik as a possessive jerk, making some stupid readers of yours think he's not worthy of Zoey.

Well, she's a SLUT. S-L-U-T. SHE's the one not worthy of him. Zoey has this urge to sleep with every guy slightly interested in her. It's PATHETIC. And wtf is that with Stark? He barely appears in the story and suddenly he's the best? W-T-F?

I hope you still have something good for Erik, because he doesn't deserve to be in love with a girl who cheats on him with everyone she can. Zoey should end old and unhappy. Or at least, beg a lot to Erik for him to forgive her.

Best Wishes,


Unknown said...

Ohh My gosh I am dyin' right now 2 draw the characters from the house of night sereise!!!!
ohh.....and also best of luck 4 burned!!!! ohh....... and r the books goin' to be made in2 and movie???I hope so!!!!
Ohhhh......and r there goin 2 be more books after burned and if so how much more and wat dooya' think they will be called????
I heart u guys

Merry Meet and Merry meet again!!!
Blessed Be!!!!

AH said...

Brava on Tempted, ladies. Enjoyed muchly the arc and the storytelling elements. I took two weekends to read it since I knew we had to wait a bit for the next one.

Enjoy Scotland! I look forward to some ancestral overtones in the next one! Blessed be (and Happy holidays!).

PS -- I'd love to read your Partholon books -- do they have to be read in order?

Chlobear said...

I can't wait for Burned. What with the cliffhanger in Tempted. I just want to wish you GOOD LUCK! And even witout the cliffhanger, i'd be buying Burned. I'll be looking forward to reading all the books you publish. :P
Oh, and is there anyway to know who the models on the cover of the books are? Thank you bunches!

Chlobear said...

Okay, all i can truly ask is for you to keep Stark, and keep jim alive. He is my most favorite character, plus he's gorgeous. But please please please please pleaassee keep him in the series!!!
Hehehe, im totally team Stark. And i think Zoey and Stark are perfect for each other, plus he knows how to treat her, he doesnt get all jelous and possesive and he likes Heath(tear).
-Chloe :D