Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Guys - join me in wishing Kristin a great big HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY today! We're leaving sunny Atlanta and will be in Fairfax, VA at the Borders there tonight. See y'all there!



Crissi said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Kristin (P.C's Precious)
Happy Birthday to you!

I hope your day is filled with the many blessings of Nyx and that she may smile down upon you as you finish the rest of the Tempted tour.

Your Friend,

mean mom productions said...

Happy Birthday Kristen!!!! have a good one!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Kristin!!!

Gena Showalter said...

Happy birthday, you little vixen! I can't believe I'm younger than you (finally turning the big 2-1 soon). May all your wishes come true! And some of mine. Bust mostly yours. But really, just mine.

Love and hugs!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Kristin!!!! Wish u all the best!!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a wonderful one and get lots of presents :-)

jennieb2010 said...

Happy Birthday, Kristin!!!! =) Hope it's a great one. And thanks to both of you for going to Alpharetta!!! =)

BTW, here are the pics from my camera. =) [[HoN's on my friends list, so you should be able to get them.]]

AND YES!! It has the girls' shirts. =)

Jess F. said...

Happy Birthday Kristin!! =0)

I hope you'll have a good time celebrating! My b-day's next week!

Carrie said...

A very Happy Birthday to one of my favorite writers. I hope the day is filled with sunshine, laughter and lots of cake :)

From one Scorpion to another.

mary said...

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY Kristin!!! i hope you have a great day!! i didn't know you were only 23, i thought you were a little 25. but it is very cool that you are the same age as me, it shows me that anything can happen!! have a GREAT day, and enjoy the birthday wishes!!

Hardcore Baby Dyke said...

Hsppy Birthday KRISTIN!
Have a great day!
Hope you and your mom will visit Sweden someday! ;)
Best wishes!
Merry meet! ^^

//Hannah [in Sweden]

Unknown said...

Happy B-day from Brazil Kristin!

Sophie x said...

(For Kristin) Happy Birthday Kristin!
Hope you have a very blessed day filled with happiness. Oh yeh, did you get anything nice for your birthday? I am sending you my appreciation of the HoN series and my birthday wishes for your birthday. Xoxo Sophie

KayleighCoubrough said...

Happy Birthday Kristin :D

Levi Langdale said...

omg happy bday! sorry u had to be on tour though

Driy said...

Happy Birthday from Brazil, Kristin!
We all wish you health, luck, wisdom (for keep Zoey safe...) and love (:

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Kristin (Happy Birthday to you!

Feliz Feliz en tu Dia, amiguita que Dios te bendiga, que reina la Paz en tu Día y que cumplas muchos mas!!!

Happy Birthday Kris...that all your dreams and wishes really comes true..

With love...Marie (cmira)

Anonymous said...

Happy 23rd Birthday Kristin From your friend a Children of Nyx [dot] com! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Erin said...

Happy 23rd Birthday Kristin!!! I hope it is a good one.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kristin! Hope you have a great signing.


Fran Jessca Papillion said...

Happy Birthday Kristin!! Hope you have a GREAT one! Wish I could be there in Fairfax to meet you both, but I'm recovering from my surgery. "Tempted" was an amazing book.

Newrose said...

Happy Birthday Kristen!!!

Wish you guys were coming a little further south to Richmond!!

Unknown said...


I just wanted to let you all know that you were a question on Jeopardy today! So exciting, sadly no one got the answer even though I was yelling at the tv. =D

Mariana said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Kristin
Happy Birthday to you!

Finished Tempted, CONGRATULATIONS, is simply wonderful and makes a super wanting more ... Until May will be a long wait.

Unknown said...


Patrice Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Kristin! Hope you have a blast in VA!

Hey PC and Kristin!

I thought you'd think this was pretty neat. I was just watching Teen Jeopardy and under the subject TEEN LIT they had a question about Zoey and wanted to know WHICH series, written by PC and Kristin Cast, Zoey is featured in. Sooo cool for you two!

Congrats on your HON series success.


Keith Blackwell said...

Happy Birthday! Hope its a great one!

== P.S.-- P.C. You're previous post on the "Banned Books-Free People Read Freely" has inspired me to use that topic as my persuasive speech in my Introduction to Speech Class.

Levi Langdale said...

omg happy bday sorry u had to be on tour though eat the cake on the way to the next town lol

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Kristin. Make sure you splurge on a really big cake.

Mingakatara said...

Happy Birthday, Kristen!!!

Hey P.C. Cast,
I'm Mingakatara! I'm a twelve year old girl. You are my one of favorite authors and I have many I like. I am an avid reader and House of Night is my favorite series. I am a huge fan our your work and I have read the whole House of Night series. I am a blogger and it would be an honor if you commented on my blog- I am in the middle of writing my first novel and I hope I can become a great writer like you. I AM YOUR NUMBER 1 FAN!!!!!
Thanks a bunch,


Shelly Stanfield said...

Happy Birthday Kristin!

I would like to thank the both of you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion and sincerity at the book signing in Marietta, GA. I was one of the people there and my Cousin and I were so impressed by how down to Earth you guys were. I have been constantly bragging about meeting you guys and about how wonderful you gals were.

Kristin was absolutely the funniest thing on the planet and P.C. you were so patient and honest with all your answers. You were funny as well by the way. LOL

Thank you for being such wonderful people and being real on interviews, dedications in your books, as well as in person. You both made my first ever book signing a wonderful experience and thank you for the T-shirt and the post Card.

I Luv You Gals, and your superior writing skills!


Miss Kiko said...

Happy Birthday Kristin! :D

I hope it was a great one.

Gary Schubert II said...

Happy Birthday....

Gary & Magic

Guiomar said...

Happy Birthday Kristin!!!! :D

julieee said...

one question: Are y'all coming to Connecticut on your tour?I would LOVE it if you are!!

julieee said...

One question: Are y'all coming to connecticut?I'd love it if you did!!!
Your fan,

icupiecakex said...

^__^ i hope you have a good one. i really appreciate your talent. take care and stay well.

one of you loving fans (Jazmin)

tiger-milk said...

Happy Birthday! x (Belated, but with all the love.) x

Simply_Dina said...

Hope u have a safe and fun filled trip! May Nyx bless u always =]

Hotaru said...

Hi Ladies!

I just wanted to say we loved seeing you both in Fairfax and that I appreciate the books you write. It is great literature and hits home. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 23rd Birthday Kristin!!
I honestly wouldn't take you as a 23 year old. Maybe 21 at the most :)
Blessed be.

Lela said...

Omg my sis's bday is Nov 2! She turned 25

Lela said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN!!!!!!!!! I am such a fan, and wish you such a like totally awesome birthday!

-your fan Rachael.<3

Unknown said...


Mandy said...

Hi, I have a question for you guys. Is there an email address I can reach you at possibly? It's about signing a book for my mother in law. :)

My email is
hope to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you,!!!!
*sings happy birthday (not to copy Crissi)* And many more! On Channel 4, and a big fat lady! on channel 80, and popcorn pix, on channel six. and Scooby Doo on channel two, and desperate house wives, on channel five, and so one!

Hope all your hopes and dreams come true!

xoxo- Katrina

Unknown said...

happy belated Kristin.Went to your book signing in white marsh maryland i was really glad i went you guys are both so down to earth and friendly i loved that looking forward to many more books

Unknown said...

YAY! 23! have a blast kristen! i'm 23 too! it's a good year ;0) lol

Tinker Puff said...

I think im a little late but here it goes anyways...
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Kristen,
Happy Birthday to you!!

Happy Birthday...or belated Birthday and i hope that it was awsome and fun!!And may ya'll have a good time finishing your Tempted tour:)
Your Friend,

Unknown said...

Feliz Cumpleanos
happy birthday
<3 jessica

Ane Ѽ said...

Happy birthday Kristen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey PC This is Alyssa from and I have those photos you wanted ready for you but I not have your email address my email is

Thanks Alyssa

PC Cast said...

Hi Alyssa,
You can send them to our PA at

fledgingTamithica said...

Hey Kristin Happy Birthday!!! I just finished Tempted and man, all I can say is come on Burned! I can't wait! Its killing me! You r Girls are awesome!!

rfacklam said...

OMG! happy b-day. i lurrrvvv u so much!

Unknown said...

Expressing my happy birthday best wishes to you Kristin! Have a wonderful day!