Thursday, August 20, 2009


Thanks to everyone for being so patient. We had to collect permission to post letters, and then deal with jet lag from our fabulous UK tour. But now all is well (and I'm looking forward to doing more research in Scotland next month!). We had about 150 entries, and it was really tough to narrow it down to the top five. Y'all did some excellent work! Winners: well done you! My PA will be sending prizes out in the next couple weeks. Please email Camden and let her know when you've received them.
So here are your three winners and two honorable mentions:

Honorable Mention is by Carla Kennedy who lives in Ireland (this is obviously not Carla, but her boyfriend):

Honorable Mention is by Jennifer Hewitson from the UK:

Our third place winner went to the lovely Amy Carlson who lives in Mississippi:

Second place is awarded to the beautiful Poppy Jennings from the UK:

And finally our first place winner! Can you believe our her name is Zoey Mitchell (no, we didn't know her name when Kristin and I chose her)! She is also from the UK. Well done Zoey!

Congratulations to all!



BrittanyChel'e said...

Wow. Those are amazing! Congratulations to all of the winners. Job well done!

Jana Oliver said...

Way cool! Congratulations!

Donna Jo said...

Those are awesome! Congrats to all :)

melissa10191 said...

kool they look awesome, congratz

High Priestess Jen said...

Love Them ALL!!! Congrats Everyone!! :D

Its Amazing to see so many UK Winners!! :D

Anonymous said...

WOW!! The tatoo's are amazing, well done to the winners!!

hayley_rose1989 said...

Wow, they're really beautiful. I'm very jealous of them, I wish I had even a fragment of creativity or artistic skill!

You're coming back to the UK? Hope you enjoy it! If you have any good weather over there please try and bring it with you - I'm sick of the rain (I'm so stereotypical - talking about weather...). Are you planning on meeting fans again or is it just a research trip? x

PC Cast said...

Hi Hayley - this time it's just a research trip. I'll be in the Highlands - Inverness and north mostly. Though if I see a bookstore here and there I probably will stop in unannounced and sign stock.

hayley_rose1989 said...

I've heard it's beautiful up there, very serene and peaceful. I would have loved to stumble accross a signed copy of one of your books, people up there will be very lucky x

Skylar said...

Mrs. Cast,

I am wondering if you and your daughter are going to continue the House of Night series? The way Hunted ended suggested that it would, but i cannot be sure unless i hear it from you. If you do not continue, i firmly believe that a lot of the House of Night fans will be upset, dissapointed, and thoroughly pissed.

I must compliment you. Your books are so unique, and they draw in the reader. They become so engrossed that its hard to put the books down. Ive very much enjoyed them, and if you decide to continue on with them, i will definately buy them.

It is sad that Loren was evil, and died. I wish he had been good, in the end, but, things happen for a reason. It also saddened me when Stevie Rae died. I am glad you brought her back.

I really hope you and your lovely daughter Kristin continue the House of Night series.

Sincerely, your fan,
Skylar Martin

And, also, i think they did a wonderful job on their "tatoos."

PC Cast said...

Skylar - The cover of TEMPTED is posted all over, including my blog, so no, HUNTED isn't the last book. We're contracted for twelve. Read through the blog archives for answers to lots of your questions.

EllenWasHere said...

Hey PC. They are awesome! Did Chosen get nominated for the Red House Childrens Book Award for older readers? Did you leave many signed house of night books in Edinburgh or did you leave a lot? I was wondering if there was any left. Probably not.

Good Luck With the Book Award. I'm rooting for you and Kristin!So are my friends!

Ellen, Big Fan

PC Cast said...

Hi Ellen - nope, I wasn't notified that I made the short list for the Red House Award, though it would be a great honor. And we did sign a zillion books in Edinburgh! I'm sure there must be some left. But so you don't waste your time, you should go to the blog entry where I list the stores we went to, and then call to be sure which ones still have signed stock. Let me know!

Liz said...

The pictures were all wonderful and amazing. ^_^;; just wish I knew what I was up against before I did all those designs in one night... getting the eyeliner off so many times.... raw skin doesn't feel good...

Good Job to the winners!

Tati said...

Omg those r amazing tattoos!!! did u do those!?(comment back so we all can learn too)!!!

Hey P.C!!! I'm ahuge fan and adore the house of night series and love getting lost in them! They so much better than twilght! I can read u and kirstens series for hours non stop lol. And I can't wait for tempted so come out!

So how r u doing lately?how's life going for ya?

Unknown said...

Hi P.C!
I just wanted to know whether you'll have any other tattoo contests coming up, because i missed the last one, what with juggling exams and stuff. And I'm a rather new HON fan, so i found out about this blog kinda late. So, any other tattoo contests? Because I'm a big tattoo-drawing enthusiast and I was disappointed in missing the latest contest-its difficult finding contests for tattoos!:) Please reply fast!:) (Btw, gooo Stark!)