Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ramsgate Event!

We had a lovely event today at beautiful Ramsgate library. The fans were great and asked excellent questions. I had an excellent time, even though Kristin had to stay back in London because she got nastily sick after eating something at dinner the night before. So I had to answer questions for her - which she LOVES (not)! After the signing several of us went down to the wharf, sat outside, and ate delicious fish and chips. Not that I'm obsessed or anything, but check this out. YUM!

And the wharf area:

Sorry, not a very good picture, and doesn't do justice to the beautiful day.

Tomorrow Kristin and I visit Battersea Dog and Cat Shelter, and Saturday we head back to the states. We will definitely miss the UK! But I'll be back soon to finish research in the Highlands, as Zoey and the gang will be going there.

Hey! It's getting a lot closer to October!!



Stef said...

great to see you are having fun. Its hot here in Tulsa had a bad storm a couple days ago.
Hope kristen gets better and cant wait for october yay!!!
that fish and chips looked good mmmm.

MommaLuna said...

Those look really good.. :D
It looked like it might of been a little too bright for the camera..
Zoey & gang in the highlands.. O.o what a great tease :D Can't wait til TEMPTED! and the rest of the HoN series

Vampire Lore said...

Very cool, PC. My hubby and I are heading there next year and I'm very, very excited :) You met one of our affiliates at - Jenn from the GREAT House of Night UK site - isn't she fab? Thanks for all the great info in that interview as well as the webchat! We're all eagerly anticipating Tempted It's released on my hubby's birthday, so after I cook him dinner he'll just have to understand :)



Unknown said...

uh, lucky, fish and chips were my fav when we went to the uk, well any way glad u r having fun, cant wait to read ur next book

JennyMac said...


Glad You're having fun P.C.
Hope Kristen is okay, tell her 'GET WELL SOON'

Can't wait for tempted!! ^-^

Blessed Be

carla said...

i hope you put lots of salt and vinegar on them fish and chips? :)

now...zoey and the gang going to the highlands? the happen to take a wee trip over to ireland? because that would be awesome and then some.....

i hope getting sick didn't ruin kristen's trip....get well soon :)

blessed be

PC Cast said...

LOTS of salt and vinegar on the fish and chips! Not so healthy, but totally yummy!

Kristin's lots better guys - thanks for asking.

I won't have time for Ireland this trip, plus I'm returning to the Highlands alone and Kristin would kill me if I went to Ireland without her. But visiting there is definitely on our list of places we're going to go.

Unknown said...

so agree about the fish and chips, and its too bad u cant go to ireland its the most beautiful place ive ever been, and ive been alot of places, but i hope u guys have fun and im happy kristin is better : )

Ang from Oz said...

Get well soon Kristen!

We have great fresh seafood here in my home town in OZ, we live in a Port City, you can go down to the wharf and buy it straight from the boat! Yum! Looks like you are having a great time PC!

Bekah1204 said...

i am confused i thought it was coming out in dec.

Nicola said...

It was great to meet you at the Ramsgate Library event P.C.! (I was the girl with the US copy of Hunted).
I really ejoyed your talk and hearing you read from Tempted :D I can't wait to read it when it comes out!
I like your photo of your fish and chips! :D
I hope Kristin is feeling better now -it was such a shame that she missed out on coming to Ramsgate!

Nicola x

micheala said...

hi P.C and Kristin,
it was lovely to meet you in ramsgate, kent (i hope kristen is much better now) thank you so much for signing my books and for the necklace i love it. i am really looking forward to tempted being released and for the rest of the books.
take care/blessed be
michaela (the birthday girl)

PC Cast said...

You are very welcome birthday girl! And, yes, Kristin is all better. Thanks for asking.

Unknown said...

Heyy PC, ive just finished reading chosen, and it really did break my heart.
ive only just recently discovered youre books, and i just want to say what an amazing writer you are (:
i love the house of night series and cant wait to read the next three(i will be rushing to a book store to buy the fourth book anyday now! lol)
thankyou for writing something i can take to heart

Blessed be