Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back from Dallas...

First - of course the weather was fine. I mean, I was at a gathering of witches. Please. Like they can't do some weather witching and calm a storm away? We didn't even get rain.

Second - I had a WONDERFUL time!!! There's nothing like a lovely gathering of Pagans to get the blood pumping. Nice people - great stuff for sale - good food - plenty of booze. Oh, and an attentive audience. What more could I want? Sexy men you say? Well, they were all taken...sadly. But there is always next year.


Oh, stay tuned. I do believe I will have some excellent YA news to report very soon!


Curtis Reynolds said...

Well PC, Dallas is a lovely place but you are damn lovely yourself. There are some good men left, who love a great wine and a great book. You can contact me at 918.864.6969 or by email at scurtis.reynolds@gmail.com. Tried to email you from your site but for some reason I could not get it to work. I will send a photo and let us see what destiny has in store for us both. Maybe a juicy ROMANCE novel is in store. Can we consider this the FORWARD and begin Chapter 1? Curtis

P.S. Give me credit for finding you. (LOL) Can a brilliant hot 45 year young Redhead handle a fairly intelligent world traveled Salt and Pepper Mexican American who loves to romance? Does life really begin at 43?

PC Cast said...

Hum...Curtis, you have officially intrigued me. (Right ladies?!) And I did get your email and your clever picture (stop it ladies - there was no nudity involved!). I'll be replying...

Curtis Reynolds said...

Dearest Miss Cast:

Intrigue is a great thing. Now as for me being naked it has its privledges....as well as some flaws. I would never publish that though as it is so precious and not to be shared with the world.

I understand you are teaching right now and you should not wear those sexy glasses and that short plaid skirt. Those boys are going thru puberty.

moonhart said...


Come on!! I'm living vicariously here!

Come Curtis! Spill! Tell us all about you.

We already know PC.

Terri (whining in the corner)

PC Cast said...

Easy Terri, easy girl! Tell ya what - I'LL meet Curtis and give you the scoop! (What would your husband say, naughty thing?!)

Curtis (bad thing), I was not wearing a short skirt at school. I might be now, though...

Curtis Reynolds said...

Dear Moonhart:

You made me laugh. I will tell you that I am the catch of the century. Could Ms. Cast handle a hot sensual romantic Mexican? Can she handle seeing the world.....running beside me not in front or behind......can she handle the sensuality that I give and expect to receive? Can she cuddle at night and not let go? Does her yes mean yes and forever mean forever not a few token months or years? I double dog dare her to put her money where her mouth is! (LOL) Can she love me out loud? I am really concerned about the red wine but I love her spunk! There is ONE great man left in this world.....is there one great lady wanting that man? Cannot wait to find out. I am leaving in a few days for Argentina and I hope to have a clue as to my future prior to my trip. Keep you posted.......Phyliss has intrigued me..........Chao, Curtis

shaunee said...

Curtis, my name is Shaunee and I am PC's (Phyllis) 35 year old, Jamaican-American twin (don't ask, just go with it). I have been directed to post something about PC being too hot to handle and that you should worry less about handling and more about being handled. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Okay, I'm definitely supposed to say that PC is a goddess.

So. PC is a goddess.

It's true.

Now for some advice: be attentive, but not too attentive; be thoughtful, but try not to be predictable about it; be interesting, challenge her, but don't be condescending; make her laugh, but don't force it, know when to enjoy the moment; be honest (no qualifier for that one); when you kiss her, make sure you nuzzle/nibble on her ears and neck. Wait, that's my thing.

Are you overwhelmed? Confused?

Don't worry about it. You sound like a nice guy and contrary to popular belief, most women just want a really good guy. So just be you and you should be fine

Actually, a semi-comprehensive knowledge of wine would help. Also, if you could do all that other stuff I mentioned, that would be great. Actually, if you could do all that stuff, I'd date you myself.

Curtis Reynolds said...


As for wine go to reynoldsfamilyvineyards.com and I will tell you the story later. It is a good Mustard Seed story. I am a wine expert. As for respecting Phyliss I am all about respect. As for romance I just hope she can put into practice what she writes. It is a huge task. I am a romantic man. Not a SOB. As for kissing and climax I believe in bringing a woman to full pleasure before I reach mine. Now for Jamacia I got married once at sunset in Ocho Rios and it was so beautiful. The falls were amazing! The Ganji a joke. (lol)

As for a Goddess, I have been waiting for mine all my life. I can promise that many stories would be inspired by our mutual satisfying experiences! I will bring her 13 roses, twelve of one color and one of another in the middle to symbolize something unique in the making.

I am extremely honest and as for kissing I love to nibble on the bottom lip and work my way down slowly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I want is a real women, with a real heart, with a real desire to be with someone special all the days of her life. I will find that and I am not in a hurry but I notice that this salt and pepper hair is calling me to hurry UP! (lol) Looking forward to meeting you all. May our friendship last 4ever!

Curtis Reynolds said...


Actually it is http://reynoldsfamilywinery.com sorry I had a Alzheimer moment! Remember the mustard seed. I have many other suprises. Is she ready for a real challenge? Oh by the way I am not to be handled.....lol....I am a Gemini....The Bull will never tame me but together we can make some beautiful love noises!

PC Cast said...

Jeesh! Look what happens when I'm away from my computer for a few hours!

Twin - you crack me up and, as usual, I adore you.

Curtis...Curtis...Curtis...So you've been asking for a Goddess all your life? Seems She has been listening. You have definitely caught this bull's attention by her...uh...let's say 'horns' shall we? (Roses?! You definitely are a smart man.) I'm not even going to comment on the vinyard; it's too damn good to be true.

So, my charming Gemini, I will see you tomorrow evening. I'll email you privately with the time and place - WHERE THERE'S NO ONE LISTENING IN!

(Yes, ladies. I am looking forward to meeting him...)

Curtis Reynolds said...

Ms. Cast:

Oh my God what have I got myself a hold of....a BULL GODDESS......I may get horned....be advised....I bleed green not red....its Jalapeno juice! Hmmm for the first time in my life getting horned instead of horny may be fun!

I am amazed at your creativity, your lovely friends would never dream that we would meet at such a place. I may be scared.....but I am sure the your lips will taste as sweet as any wine ever created! Roses, wine and a Hot Redhead.......Captivating....


moonhart said...

A Mexican romantic who deals in WINE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Not fair! Not Fair!!!!

If his name was Louie, I would have to leave my husband!!!!!!! Do you know this???


Oh my Lord!



Curtis Reynolds said...

Dearest Terri:

Sometimes I am called Guido! Please advise if the following words could apply to a potential relationship with Phyliss.....If not keep an eye out for the woman that can handle my soul and my words:

Can you be the One....by the Mexican:

I have kissed the moom a million times, danced with angels in the sky. I have seen snowfall in the summertime, felt the healing of the powers above....I have seen the world from the highest mountain...tasted love from the purest fountain....I have seen lips that spark desire.....Felt the butterflies a hundred times....I have seen miracles....I have felt the pain disappear...But still haven't seen anything...that amazes me quite like you do.....You bring me up when I am feeling down...you touch me deep you make me right.....you do the things I have never done....you make me WICKED you make me wild...BUT TELL ME PHYLISS CAN YOU BE THE ONE! I have sailed in a perfect dream.....I have seen the sun make love to the sea...I have kissed the moon a million times...danced with angels in the sky...I have even seen several miracles....I have seen the tears disappear....but still have not seen anything...that amazes me quite like you do.....Phyliss can you bring me up when I am feeling down....can you touch me deep and make the world right....can you show me things I have never done....Make me wicked and make me wild......Oh Phyliss could you be the final one?

Hmmm, think I can be handled? (LOL)


moonhart said...

That's IT! I am packing up and leaving Jersey!!!


Curtis you speak sweetly, sweetling. But you words are really only that. It's a good start. Okay. A GREAT start, woman with wisdom know there is more to man than his words.


But my, my, my what a story this could make!

Terri (a closet romantic)

Curtis Reynolds said...


Words are cheap. I however am not a cheap talking man. See in my experience its the women who speak with tainted words. They cannot back up what they preach. I so wait for the real thing.....and FYI I do not drink Coca Cola! I am what I am.......a heartfelt romantic Mexican man! I do like your wit though Terri. I might just be to romantic and honest for any woman to handle......time will tell.


PC Cast said...

Now Moon, you know I'm not the type to kiss and tell. (I am the type to kiss and write, though!) Good thing you read all my books, huh?

Curtis - I'll see you soon...