Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Family vacay (and a stock signing!)

We're loving our family vacay! We saw SIX breaching whales today! Such magnificent creatures! p.s. Yes, Kristin and I will be popping in the Maui Barnes & Noble before we leave to sign all the stock they have! Yaaaassss! XXXOOO


Unknown said...

Hey, I am a newbie to your work and I'm wondering if there will be a movie for this awesome story? I'd love to watch Zoey's story and see how well I've pictured everything. Thank you for your work and thank your daughter for me as well. Oh, and also, way better than Twilight and I was a die hard Twilight fan. I love how logical you make your stories!

PC Cast said...

Hi McKenzie! Thank you for being a new fan! The producer, Samuel Hadida, at Davis Films has optioned the series to film. Now Kristin and I, along with our fans, are waiting impatiently for news. If you follow me on FaceBook I share news there! Happy reading!