Friday, July 11, 2014


KALONA'S FALL SIGNING! Hi Guys! Kristin Cast and I are going to be signing books at Powell's in Beaverton, OR, on July 29th! Here's the info. Can't wait to see our fans there! XXXOOO WHERE and WHEN: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 7:00 PM Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing 3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. Beaverton, OR 97005


Unknown said...

Hi PC! I have a couple of questions, because I can't wait for Redeemed.

- In Kalona's fall we're going to see Darkness?
- From what pov start Redeemed, and Neferet appears early?
- importants character dies, or the stupid High Council finally do something?

And well, you said that in the book there's multiples battles. Who of them you like more?

Sorry for my english. Blessings for you.

PC Cast said...

Hi Jhomary,
No worries! Your English is very good.

Yes, you will see Darkness in Kalona's Fall.
Redeemed begins in Zoey's pod. Yes, Neferet does appear early. I can't give away plot spoilers, so I can't talk about who dies or whether the High Council steps in. There are several epic battles in the book. My favorite involves Kalona.

Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Hi PC!

My name is Charlotte and I'm from The Netherlands, I've been a huge fan of HoN for years now and I was wondering if you're coming to The Netherlands on your tour? I'd love to meet you!

I also have a question about the movie, I can't seem to find a lot information about it on the internet. Will there be a movie? I read the first movie will be released in 2015, but is this still true?

Hope to hear from you soon and I can't wait for Kalona's Fall and Redeemed!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Merry meet PC! I can't wait for Redeemed.

Finally I will know the destiny for the evil Neferet. You think she's completely crazy, or in the inside if her head and soul there still exists a spark of light or redemption? You think we will be satisfied with her conclusion? She will fight in the last book or Nyx will confront her?

I also want to know if we ever are going to see Sgiach or the isle of Skye again, or the crappy creatures who appeared in Hidden.

PC Cast said...

Hi Charlotte,
I would love to visit the Netherlands! I don't think we're going overseas with the REDEEMED tour, though. And I have no new news about the movie. Sorry! We're waiting impatiently along with our fans!

Hi Mary H,
I can't answer most of your questions without giving away plot spoilers, but I can tell you that, yes, you will see Sgiach again, as well as Old Magick.

Unknown said...

Merry Meet. Today is my birthday (I wish I could get Kalona's fall and Redeemed today, sigh). In REDEEMED are going to die humans or vampyres? There will be much casualties? I'm gonna cry.

The bulls are going to show up again? Both black and white. In Kalona's fall and Redeemed as well? Oh, and Neferet will be transformed in a Goddess? That's what say the description of the book.

Why Nyx is blond on the cover? What will include the B&N edition? Thank's for read me. I love yoooou

Unknown said...

I will be so happy if you answer me! If you can, of course. Blessed be

PC Cast said...

Hi Virginia,
I can't answer most of your questions because they would contain plot spoilers. I can tell you that Nyx is blond on the cover of REDEEMED because she has many faces. This one (Nyx as blond) is one she appears as in REDEEMED. In the B&N special edition I have written an essay discussing my feelings on coming to the end of the series. I've also answered a fan Q&A. Happy birthday!

Alec John Belle said...

Have you considered writing a spin-off? There was something you said a while back, but I can't remember what, that made me think you might return the the HON world one day.

Sarah L said...

Hi P.c,
You may not know the reason for this but it's worth asking. I pre ordered Kalona's Fall at the beginning of the month but the email said that I will not receive it until 7th August why am I not receiving it on the release date I ordered it straight from Amazon. The same thing is happening with Redeemed I have to wait another week after it is released to receive it, I thought pre-orders would turn up on the day of release. I'm from the UK.

Unknown said...

I was wondering when will the people who preordered the signed copy of Kalona's Fall would be receiving it?

PC Cast said...

Hi Alec - I'd consider writing a few more novellas, but right now the HoN story arch is complete and I don't see any more full length novels.

Hi Saskia - Kristin will begin mailing the signed copies of KALONA'S FALL today!

PC Cast said...

Hi Sarah - My guess is that Amazon US is taking more time to ship to you because you're in the UK. The US preorders should ship today!

Razjel said...

Do You know, who is on the of UK cover Redeemed?

Sorry for my english.

whereelse said...

I can't wait till tonight!!! Your books came to me right when I started looking into Wicca. To meet the lady's who helped me on my internal quest will be fan girl stats.

Unknown said...

why didn't I know about this :,( I live right down the street and just saw this today. I'm a sad panda now...

PC Cast said...

Hi Aphrena! I'm so sad you didn't hear about our signing, too! Kristin and I did sign some stock, though, so you should be able to get a signed copy of Kalona's Fall if you hurry to Powell's!

Unknown said...

Hi PC I was just curious as to when you might come to Denver Colorado? I also wanted to state that I am in love with the house of night series as well as I have read and loved loved loved your Partholon/Divine series, and cannot wait till Ciara's Destiny comes out. In the meantime I have just started your goddess series and am on book number two and so far I'm in love with them as well. Still waiting for Kalonas fall to arrive in the mail

Jennifer said...

Hi Pc. I hope you remember me. I've following your books all this time. Can't wait for the last book.

Also I will be grateful If you can answer three questions.

First: you said that you cry three times in REDEEMED. Why? Can you give us a preview? Without spoilers, like: because a battle, because a death.

Two: the bodycount is really high in this book?

Three: why Neferet said to Zoey that her father abused her when she was a little girl? That was a lie. She uses that to gain her trust? Also Zoey gave her the names of the friends of Heath that died because the red fledglings. She command them to kill the guys?

Thank you. I wish the best of luck for you and your daughter.

PC Cast said...

Hi Jennifer!

Answers: I cried because of deaths and also because of happiness. That's all I can tell you without spoilers!

Yes, the body count is really high in this book.

Neferet didn't lie about her abuse. Her father did abuse her when she was sixteen. Read NEFERET'S CURSE for that back story. The red fledglings were doing Neferet's bidding AND they were quickly becoming out of control. So, the answer is a little of both.

Jennifer said...

Yes, but she said that his abuse began when she was ten. Thank you Pc!

PC Cast said...

Oh that! Neferet was abused by her dad, but she wasn't honest about that abuse - not to herself and not to anyone else.

I'm a bookaholic, and regret nothing:) said...

Hello, I was wondering when you would be coming down to The Rio Grande Valley in Texas. It would be amazing to be able to meet you.
Also how am I able to send art for other people to see?

Hugs and kisses
Danielle Ruiz