Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A little R&R!

Had an awesome day today with Kristin and my two beautiful mares, Anjo and The Black. Check out our selfie with Black! Ha! (Just finished the copy edits on REDEEMED. I absolutely love the conclusion of the series! Can't wait for you guys to read it!!!) XXXOOO PC


Stacy said...

Those are such beautiful mares!!! I cant wait to see how the series ends!!!

Sarah L said...

Gorgeous horses! Can't wait to red Redeemed xoxoxo

Kristin S said...

when is the snippet of the first two chapters of redeemed coming out on the housofnight homepage ? :)

shaun said...

so beautiful! excited for Redeemed! cannot believe the end is near :(

PC Cast said...

Hi Kristin S,
I've asked my publisher not to release any chapter previews for the last book. I don't want any of the conclusion of the series to be given away.

Carrie said...

Beautiful Horses!!! If I lived closer I would ask if I could trailer my horses to you and we go riding. Sadly, I live in Albuquerque, NM.

Since you have the HON series done, what will you be working on next? I think you mentioned it somewhere, but I can't remember where or what.

Will it be more YA or ADULT books (fingers crossed for adult books even though I love HON)?

PC Cast said...

Hi Carrie,
I'm working on a fantasy trilogy next. The heroine of the first book is young at the beginning, but I don't consider the trilogy YA - definitely more adult. Kristin has also completed her first manuscript. It is a wonderful paranormal suspense that fits into the New Adult age group (18-25ish). Stay tuned for more on our next books. I'll post info as we get it.

Happy reading!