Friday, February 07, 2014


Well, can’t say too much about this one because I’m in the middle of writing it! What I can say is that I am LOVING writing it. I adore fantasy (As longtime readers of my Partholon books already know!), and this novella is set almost completely in the very fantastic Otherworld, which is a lot of fun for me. Kalona, Erebus, and Nyx are complex characters, and it’s a pleasure to give them center stage in this story. I thought you guys would like an inside glimpse at how the illustrations for the novellas come into being. My wonderful artist for this novella, Aura Dalian, is also my tattoo artist and the artist who created the designs for Kristin’s HoN clothing line, the element symbols for our candles, as well as all of the illustrations for the HoN coloring book (release date is mid May). Yes! Aura is as crazy talented as she is busy! The process goes like this: first, Aura and I chat about each chapter. I tell her what my main visual image is from the chapter. Then Aura provides feedback regarding any additional images she sees. Next she does some very rough sketches and sends them to me. I choose the sketch (or sketches) I like best, and she does a more finished drawing, which she scans and sends to me. At that time I let her know if something needs to be tweaked, which she does, and then she produces the finished illustration! It’s an awesome process and I love working with Aura (working with Kim Doner, who illustrated the other novellas was a wonderful process as well!). What I’ve posted here are three very rough sketches for the opening chapter of KALONA’S FALL. I’ve begun the novella with a once upon a time creation myth, explaining how the HoN world, as well as Erebus, Kalona, and Nyx came into being. Aura and I decided the illustration would personify the earth as a beautiful pregnant woman, with the moon and sun as her companions. These are my favorite three rough sketches. I can’t wait to see the finished illustration! Coming soon, KALONA’S FALL, July 29th! Now, back to work for me… XXXOOO PC


Jennifer said...

Hi Pc! Have you finished REDEEMED? Please tell me that Neferet got what she deserved and the final battle is going to be awesome.