Saturday, September 07, 2013

Come and check out Big Bonnie in person!

Hi Guys!
Guess what?  On Saturday, October 5th, the real Bonnie is going to be in the Tulsa State Fair horse show!  My awesome horse trainer, Angela, is going to show her for me (I'll be there, but I'm writing writing writing - so not getting to ride much right now).  The coolest class she's going to be in will be around noon on Saturday.  It's the draft horse dress up class and Angela is going to be dressed as Lenobia!  It's going to be awesome!  Come cheer Bonnie on!  Hope to see y'all there!


p.s. Here's a teaser picture!


Sarah Lynn said...

Awesome! I wished I still lived in Oklahoma:( If it's in any way possible in your spare time, would have a minute to follow my blog about my quest to read 100 books by 2014? My blog is at I totally can't wait to read the new HON book and post a review! You're an amazing author! And I especially love the Goddess series... those are my favorite.

Géraldine said...

Hi PC!
What a lovely event! I sooo wish I could go and see Bonnie (big sigh). Isn't there a goddess around who could zap me to Tulsa, so that I could play Lenobia too?
I hope you'll post pictures (especially if Travis is around his Bonnie..). Give Bonnie a Big Basket (intentional alliteration!) of apples and carrots from the horse lover French fan!
Courage for your writing (I was delighted by Warrior Rising by the way)


Kramisha said...

Will you be having a book signing for revealed?

PC Cast said...

Kramisha - yep, we'll be signing books on Oct 16th at the Books a Million in Tulsa. I'll post specifics as we get closer to the date. We won't be touring, though, until I finish the last HoN book.

Hi Geraldine! I wish you could be here, too! (And so glad you liked Warrior Rising - that book was FUN to write!). Thanks for the courage. I need it at the end of this series! XXXOOO

Sarah Lynn - I love the Goddess Summoning Books, too!

Géraldine said...

Well, maybe one day I'll visit Tulsa! I can imagine indeed that ending all the plots within this huge series can be difficult. In Warrior Rising, I loved your own way of telling this myth, I loved the Jacky and very white very pink- Patroclos relation, and the "spelling Achilles" part (and as for me your Achilles is much sexier than the Brad Pitt one..)

Bennbr said...

Bonnie is lovely as ever and I wish I lived closer so I could attend. I hope if you have a book tour or signing for Revealed you can make it to the Manassas area of Va. Good luck with the show and have fun!