Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Claire Bear meets Big Bonnie

Tornadoes gone! (Hopefully for the season.) And the heat is setting in. The ranch is cooler than T-Town so Claire Bear came with me to play with the horses and cool off. Big Bonnie says hi! XXXOOO PC


Anonymous said...

Beautiful horse and adorable doggie! :D
I'm glad the tornadoes are gone, and hope y'all are all okay!
Sendin' love your way!
~Lindsey Holt, small town Texan girl

GĂ©raldine said...

Hello PC!
I'm glad to hear that tornadoes are gone; I hope your fellow "Okies" are recovering little by little from the tornadoe.
Big Bonnie is always a beauty to look at! Little black and big grey seem curious at each other!
Hope to read more of House of Night's Big Bonnie (and my dear Lenobia...) in your last books!!

Anonymous said...

Aw she is gorgeous! Claire Bear looks so tiny next to her :) Happy writing! Try to stay cool!