Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moving into the conclusion...

This weekend is Mayfest in Tulsa - a fabulous downtown gathering of artists, musicians, and food. I was walking around last night and glanced up at the Mayo Hotel. CHECK OUT NEFERET'S PENTHOUSE! Looks creepy! And since I'm working on the conclusion of REVEALED right now, this picture absolutely goes with the mood of the end of the book. Chaos! Death! Destruction! Oooooh! (And I'm sure I caught a glimpse of wings up there! Do you see them???) XXXOOO PC


Bruh Frider said...

OMG P.C.!! I think I saw Neferet on the balcony of the Mayo o.o

GĂ©raldine said...

Hi PC! Are my eyes tricking me or isn't there a white bull too in Neferet's penthouse?
Speaking of her, I finished Neferet's Curse. Ooh I love that book too, because you put several layers in it, which made the reader I am both horrified by what happened to Emily, but also ill-at-ease with this character. Of course, on the one hand, there is this horrible crime committed by her father and the painful fact that no one was here to protect her from him; not the servants, not Arthur, and not even her mother who, involuntarily, propelled Emily in this situation and this terrible vision of marriage and husbands associated with "loneliness and death". But on the other hand, we see Emily's evolution, becoming colder and colder, calculating and manipulating. Though we understand why she behaves as such, particularly with Arthur, we feel it's not right (Lenobia, equally endangered, didn't act this way). The last pages of the novella confirm this bad evolution.
And finally there is the fountain. Another important character! You did great with this one PC: Zeus "seducing" Europa, a gift of her father to her mother. Isn't it a way of associating the bull and the father? In the light of this, couldn't we say that Neferet's sick relationship with the white bull is in fact a re-enactement of her trauma again and again? You know, like victims who "fall" for their agressor? Or maybe there's a magical explanation: the fountain bull could also be the real white bull, seducing Emily and putting her on an evil path. Maybe a bit of all this?
In conclusion, I raise my glass of wine (a delicious sauvignon grape actually) to your talent PC, and to Kristin too, I know you'll appreciate the gesture!


Amber Terry said...

That is so neat! I swear I must take a trip to Tulsa and go to EVERY location.. and you know... put up signs that say "Amber Terry for Stevie Rae Johnson!!" ;]

Hope you guys are alright considering those awful tornados!

-Amber Terry for Stevie Rae Johnson

HelloMyNamesKylieAndIFallInLovewithFictionalCharacters:) said...

Thank you SOOOOO much for the visual!:D

Unknown said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXITED, i really need to know what happens with the whole heath/aurox problamo,as i say to EVERYONE me and my bezzies Naomi Ella are ABSOLUTELY GIGANTIC fans and i hooker her ontpo the series as soon as i met her, she has just finnished destined and is in the prosess of starting hidden, and i am now waiting for revrealed, i am super exited and am literally dying with exitement, HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL MWAHAHAHAHA anywhooo i was wondering, if at any npoint this year you will be in the UK and if you will be doing a bhook siogning if you are, just a bit curious thats all BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE