Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Oooh!  Can't wait to see y'all at The Book Place in Broken Arrow tonight!  Here's the info:

The Book Place, 7:00-9:00 pm
732 W. New Orleans, Ste. 136
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 455-1422

And check us out on Great Day Green Country.  Lacey and Kacey are a blast!



iz said...

ooh sounds fun <3 ;P

Cleopatra said...

I wish I was there but I know its going to be fun <3 ^_^

Ger said...

Hi Pc! I just read Hidden. The best book ever. Poor Neferet, her past is terrible. Oh, a question. B&N, Amazon, and many other sites said that the expect publication of Neferet´s Curse is 19 February of 2013. Is that true? Because I´ve preordered it months ago.

Oh, and the 11 book is named Revealed?

You´re the best writer ever.

Unknown said...
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PC Cast said...

Hi Garry! Thanks for coming tonight - it was so much fun!

Ger - if B&N has the release as Feb for N'sC, then I guess that's when it is. I'm still not done with it, so I'm more focused on deadline than release date. Yep! Book 11 is REVEALED.

Ger said...

Yep. Amazon, B&N and all the other sites said it. Before the expected publication was for 17 july, then 8 of january, and now holds on february. I´m re reading Hidden, and I can´t wait until Neferet´s curse and Revealed.

Deadline is the date when your editorial said you you have to give them the manuscript, I´m correct? I´m from venezuela and don´t understand some things.

b stapleton said...

I just finished Hidden. I have decided that authors are the ultimate example of extreme torture. I dread waiting a year for the next book ;)

Unknown said...

When are you going to release the dates and places that you're going to visit in Germany?
Are you by any chance coming to Oberhausen?
I would love to meet you guys, I'm a total HoN addict, but Tulsa is just a little far away (Germany is doable from the Netherlands)

I hope you had a great time yesterday ;P

XXX Belyse

susieq said...

Great party last nite. Thank you again for your generosity. Looking forward to seeing you again. Bless you

Unknown said...

Hey P.C. and Kristen! Just finished Hidden! I have never cried so hard while reading a book in my life! The ending got me all blubbery! Best finish to that chapter of HON so far! I'm glad there will be more! I am making it my goal to hunt down every book y'all have written! And will write! I love all the characters you's guys have created, they are so real and relatable. I started hating Neferet right away and it just kept building but in Hidden I knew the vibe would change. Don't get me wrong she is horrible but when she saw herself I knew she must have had something really bad happen to her to create her badness. Ending was so sad. Poor nerd herds and plus! Keep up the good work! I'm so glad a great matriarchal story series is known world wide! The Goddess is wonderful and I'm glad to read her name again and again! Thank you so much for creating her in such a wonderful way!!! I wish a movie or a tv series would come out I would love to see this series and all of your stories come to life on screen! I re-read your books constantly because they make me feel good! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!