Friday, April 27, 2012

An Awesomely Small World...

So, I get this email today from one of my very favorite ex-students, Dustin Chad Gann. He lives in NYC (I knew he'd end up there and be totally successful!). He was on the train riding into the city and he saw a woman reading one of my books. He snapped a pic. He and the woman started talking. He finds out she's a friend of one of my long time friends, and she'd just returned to NYC from visiting Tulsa. She proceeded to pull out her camera (she's an amazingly talented photographer) and showed Dustin pics of my ranch and me. He was all like, "Whhhhhat?? You know her, too???!" Such a cool small world... Yea for fabulous ex-students! XXXOOO PC


Amanda Poole said...

That's awesome! Maybe we'll get to meet one day, come to Shreveport!

Domonique said...

I read Lenobia's Vow and just wanted to cry for Marvin. The Bishop was a real stalker.

Molly said...

I just read Destined and there's one sentence I don't understand. It's in chapter 28.

The sentence is when Zoey walked to Shaunee "I walked doceil or clockwise to Shaunee"

I just dont know what 'doceil' means and how is it realted to 'clockwise'.

Sorry to bother you here but English is not my mother toungue. Thank you so much :)

Ang from Oz said...

It is a small, small world!

Do you miss teaching PC?

(Currently devouring the first book in A song of ice and fire, they stick very close to the book in the TV Series dont' they. I am impressed by that)

Flash said...

I can't put Lenobia's Vow down, was so consumed that I had no idea Dustin took my photo! Thanx PC...

Mock said...

She has great choice in books ;D Personally, I thought Lenobia's Vow was one of the best in House of Night. I can't wait for Hidden!

Anonymous said...

Hi PC Cast if you are reading this (which I very much doubt). I know there is no audition/ casting news yet but as soon as you hear please post as I have always wanted to be an actor from a young age and my mum says its a dream that will never come true but I don't even care if its an extra job. Anything as I am determined to become an actor.

Thanks if you read it. I love all your books and can't wait for 'Hidden'


PC Cast said...

Molly - doceil is a Wiccan term for clockwise.

Hi Ang! Yep, I do miss teaching, though I don't miss spineless administrators and Super Crazy Parents.

Hi there Lola Flash! I'm so glad you enjoyed LENOBIA'S VOW, and it's hilarious that Dustin sent me your pic!

Olivia - I always read my blog. It's the one place I do consistently correspond with readers. But, nope, I don't have any new casting info about the movie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anyway PC!
Can't wait for Hidden :)


Lexie Moon said...

PC, sorry for not having visited your blog a lot lately but I have been busy here in the fifth with my parents :p

Wow the world is really small!
One of my dreams was to meet you personally! but this is impossible because:

I live in portugal
My english is very bad xD
and I'm just a teenager


Anonymous said...

I love HoN books, they're so addicted! Well, I usually read with music, and when I was reading Betrayed, a album from Coldplay started to play and, somehow, the most of the songs made sense with what I was reading. The album is Mylo Xylote. There's a song called Major Minus that really seems that talks about the Kalona's sons (Raven Mocker). It's pretty awesome, actually. It's like the album was made for the HoN books! I'm in love with them. Thank you for the time!