Saturday, October 22, 2011


OH BOY IT'S TIME TO LAUNCH DESTINED!!! So, here's where Kristin and I will be:

220 S Highway 97
Sand Springs, OK 74063

We'll begin at 7:00 pm and do a little talk and then open it up for a Q&A session with our fabulous fans (Kristin won't let me give away secrets, but you guys can try to distract her...). Then we'll sign books!

Yes, we're also doing a livestream cool event in the NYC area that will be open via the magick of the internet to a whole bunch of you guys (I don't really understand that part) on November 2nd. More to come on that when I have specifics.

Hope to see y'all at Wallymart in Sand Springs!



Rudi May Hart said...

Good luck and enjoy the release; have already planned how to get Destined when it comes out I'm counting down for the UK release.

Anonymous said...

any news on a destined video promo?

Unknown said...

OMG! Oh, I soooo wish I could go!! And I wish I could have the book signed by you!! I promised to myself that someday I'll get it.
My book comes to me the first week of November, so I'll have to hold on for a bit longer... damm I just can't wait to read it!!
Anyway lots and lots of good thoughts and happiness for your book release! Please let us know if it gets filmed and posted online, I would love to at least watch it!
xoxox from Chile

Unknown said...

also, LOVED the preview of the comic. just LOVED it!

KirsteeOhx said...

I live in Scotland so I can't meet you :( cannot wait for Uk release though.. :P

KirsteeOhx said...

PC, what website will the live stream event be on? and what time? (this is if you know?)

Carmen Shaw said...

Man I no live in oklahoma... aw shucks! But I will be getting destined as soon as humanly possible!

hugeHONfan said...

can we order a signed copy? or do we have to go to the book signing?

Hayden said...

Do you have a title for #10?

PC Cast said...

You can order signed copies from our local independent bookstore in Broken Arrow: or call 918-455-1422


Sarah M said...

What is the date for the book signing? Is it the day the book comes out? I saw that it starts at 7pm. But I didn't notice a date.

Sarah L said...

OMG! I so wish I lived in new york right now then I would have been there! It sucks that I live in the UK!
Hope the release went well, I can't wait to read it! xox

Shantel Neo said...

Come to Asia please! Especially Singapore! :D there are many fans here waiting to meet you and I really wanna get these awesome books signed by you guys!

*stalking the stores everyday waiting for the books to be out* XD

iiRe_LoLa said...

Hello¡ I from Spain and I LOVE this books. I have them all in spañish and in english but I don't know when will the 9º book here Do you¿

stacey said...

omg i got a signed copy and i absolutely cherrish this book with all my others. I'm a rappid reader so i have a ton of books. However i want to thank you P.C. and your daughter too because with out your novels my boyyfriend wouldnt pick up a book what so ever. we absolutely love you guys. You're my favorite author