Saturday, May 21, 2011

Homework and interviews and such

Hi Guys,
Okay, it's obviously nearing the end of the school year here in the US of A, which means I'm getting a zillion requests to be interviewed for school projects, research papers, power point presentations, etc., etc. Here's the deal:

1) To successfully complete a research paper or homework assignment in general it requires the student to actually do the work and research. I know this because I taught English for fifteen years (at the above pictured school). So, believe me when I say YOUR TEACHER DOESN'T MEAN FOR YOU TO SKYPE OR EMAIL OR CALL YOUR RESEARCH SUBJECT AND HAVE THEM DO YOUR WORK FOR YOU.

2) All the information about me I want shared with the public can be found with actually very little effort through the internet. Anything else is private.

3) I don't give homework/research paper "interviews" because I need to do my job, which is writing my next novel.

4) For real interviews (this doesn't mean homework assignments) the requests need to go through my publicist, Rachel Ekstrom at

5) Snail mail: You can send letters to us in care of St. Martin's Press, 175 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010. Enclose a SASE. I'm way behind on my fan mail, but I do try to respond to everyone. No, that doesn't mean I write interview question answers. Please refer to 1-4 above for that.

6) To all those teachers out there who are thinking it'd be better to hurl themselves off a bridge than read another poorly written paper: hang in there. It's almost summer. I heart you.



Unknown said...

Hey P.C., my name is Macarena Fabry (yes, like the song I hate so much), I'm 26 years old, chilean, severe peter pan complex and a huge fan. I know I'm a bit old for some of your books but I LOVE them all, and I've always felt I'll be a teenager for ever.
Anyway, I'm trying to write a teens novel and hopefully it will be done this year, and just wanted to say how much I love your work.
I'm starting to read "Elphame's choice" (and thankfully I can read it in the original language because, for example, "Burned" got here by the name "Trapped") and I cant stop reading!
So thanks for all the books and I hope you keep writing lots more. (And I would be so happy if House of night just simply never ends. I'm sorry for the long coment and maybe mistakes (I'm better talking and reading in english)and just thank you again for all the great stories.

hon lover said...

Lol. :D It's hard to focus on work when you've got a zillion fans screaming for you to help them write a research paper. I can understand why you wouldn't do it. Having to repeat your answers like a million times, just wastes a lot of time that you could spend writing some awesome HON! Come on people! LET HER WRITE!

Unknown said...

Sorry, it was "Hunted" that got here by the name "Trapped"

Unknown said...

there is one thing your book lover Jess here has to say. I love your spirit. You have spunk and spirit and know (obviously) how to live life. Basically. You make me smile. and i know it's rather cheesy but guess what!? do not care! you have helped me through some tough times through your books. you've inspired me to keep my head up and keep a truck'n, and this i need to thank you for. Bless you and know I'm always looking for a gorgeous new work of yours! welp. i have classes to go to (bleck) English portfolio due...... slay me....... alright! peace!


hon lover said...

Hi P.C.

I was looking up publishers and agents today because my manuscript is almost finished and it's gettting nearer to the time where i 'put my baby' (as you would say it) out there for everyone to see. As I was looking, I came across something called subsidary publishing and the way it was described to me sounded fishy. They make the author pay a percentage to start out (an investment they said) and then they pay the rest in case a book does not sell well so they have insurance but you get the money back once your books start selling. Brighton publishing said that big publishing houses do that (random house) and I was wondering if you knew anything about that and whether that is a good idea. I'm asking because I have no idea about this stuff and it seemed like a good question to ask. thanks for your time and for reading this very long comment. :D

I <3 you! :D

PC Cast said...

Good question HoN Lover! Okay, to some extent all publishing is subsidiary publishing because after your initial advance you (the author) don't get any more money unless your book sells through (which means in the simplest sense that your book has to make more money than your publisher paid you in "advance" of your publication before you get paid anything else). The big difference between "real" Houses and self-pub organizations is that a real publishing house WILL GIVE YOU AN ADVANCE. It might be really small. My first advance? $250.00. Seriously. It took me 18 books before I quit my day job (teaching). But I NEVER paid anyone to publish me. I didn't make much for a long time, but when my books finally sold through I did start earning a living. Here's the formula: an author writes a manuscript + a real publisher pays the author for the right to publish and distribute that book = the author hopes like hell people buy his/her book. The end. Honey, focus on legitimate agents. An agent will submit for you and you won't have to stress about subsidiary b.s.

GOOD LUCK! Be sure you keep me updated!

p.s. Big publishing houses do not make their authors pay to be published. Neither do legitimate small/indy houses. No no no no no.

hon lover said...

Thank you so much Mrs. Cast!
I'm actually looking a lot into it. I'm making my mauscript right now and crossing my fingers that I get an agent that is a good one. I will most definately keep you posted! :D thanks again!

hon lover said...

I do have one more question that I just thought of. How do you know whether or not an agent is a credible one? And how do you know how much to send in to them for them to look at?

PC Cast said...

You need to read (or reread) my advice for aspiring authors post. Start with reading the books I recommend. They can steer you in the right direction regarding literary agents and how to submit to them. Do your research and educate yourself before you begin the process. Good luck.

mean mom productions said...

I love your new book! I know I am way to old to be reading the series but I have a feeling that when my kids are old enough i want to be able to say, I read it loved it. Nope, you can read it.

Also, can't wait for the next one! You make this mom laugh, cry, and quote parts of your book on my blog because I feel those parts are very important.

Thanks for my t-shirt and signed book from the tatoo contest. I wore and it and threw everybody off because I am southern bell and most folks had no idea what ookies r. hee we do!

Thanks for tell the kids they have to do their own work. I tell my kids all the time you have to "read" the story or whatever the assignment is and find the answer yourselve. If I do help I only give a page number for them to find themselves.

You are so right when you say the respect for the balance between all things no longer exists.

Trista Siegel said...

Hey P.C.,

Someone on my House of Night Facebook page asked a very good question that I have never came across before.

What was your inspiration for the black and white bulls?

After the person asked I realized I never did come across that anywhere. So hopefully it's a new question and you can answer or point me in the right direction. This person got me really interested in that answer :)

Thank you so much!

PC Cast said...

Good question Trista - my inspiration came from ancient Irish and Scottish mythology, which I discuss (as well as quote from interviews with my experts!) in my essay in NYX AND THE HOUSE OF NIGHT, available now through Amazon and lots of other places.


Trista Siegel said...

Thanks for answering. I can't wait to read that book! I am excited!

Ms. Nightsong said...

Those cats are soooo cute!!!!!! <3 Anyway... =p Hi! Love your books looking forward to the movie!! <3 you guys for writing them! Just wondering if theres anyway I could be mentored by you...(scratches head nervously...) I enjoy writing alot and have a few stories id like to finish..I wouldnt have you read them because I know your busy..I just want to know how you juggle things and how you keep on task with your plots. Im always trying to get to the good part but the hard part is getting there.

PC Cast said...

Ms. Nightsong,
In the archives of this blog I have an entire post about advice for aspiring authors. That could help guide you. As to how to juggle things, stick to plots, and get to the good part (the entire book should be the good part): that is something only you can learn to do for yourself. Begin by just writing and see if you develop the skill and talent and tenacity to finish. That's as simple and as complicated as it is.

Good luck,

VickyLovesLife said...

Hey P.C., My name is Vicky Danyel(pronounced danielle) I'm a huge fan of your books. I'm writing a book and I'm having some trouble staying on plot. I keep writng but whenever I add action or something interesting it goes completely off topic. and I really need help. How do I stay with the plot without taking out the action? Also, My main character speaks italian very often in the book, show I add translations?