Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It gets better!

Hi Guys,
The lovely people at www.itgetsbetterproject.com have designated today, Oct 20th, as Spirit Day in acknowledgment of the recent tragic suicides of young gay kids, and ask that you wear purple in support of LGBT youth (you can go to their website for lots more info).

We should not be defined by our sexual orientation. Period.

I'd like you to consider taking a moment today not simply to wear purple and put on the trappings of love and equality. Could each of you please pause to consider the importance of living a life of integrity? If your life has integrity and if you live respecting the world and those around you, then what follows will be more than just a one day of a show of support for LGBT youth. Straight kids: I'd like to ask you to take a stand and show personal integrity. Don't tolerate the bullying of others. Don't laugh at jokes that degrade people. Don't stand silently in the background while another's words and/or actions hurt people. Stand Up. Don't allow Darkness to win, in whatever guise it cloaks itself: religious intolerance, social fear, hazing, or simply bad damn taste and ignorance. As Erik says in AWAKENED, "...what if all the good folks leave and evil gets bored playing all by itself and goes home, too?" I think Erik may have a point. Stand up to Darkness - if that means walking away from certain "friends," then do it. Don't give bullies an audience, whether it's on the internet or in person. Oh, and when you walk away - take the kid being bullied with you. Believe me, he/she will be a lot more fun to hang out with than the jerks who are bullies.

Gay kids: it gets better. I promise. And I heart your bravery.



Remy said...

I absolutely love what people and organizations are doing for the LGBT community, we can all do our part.
I like that quote that Erik says, very good point.
When I was a Senior in High School, at the beginning of this year, we started a group, called Gay-Straight Alliance at our school.
I full on supported all my Gay and Bisexual friends, even the ones who were questioning, and now we've all grown closer together. :)
It kills me to see my friends hurt because of some ignorant people; it being their "friends", family or strangers judging them.

Lets just all come together :D *peace*

Unknown said...

hi! I love the house of night series. And i have read them all! I just wonder(i'm from Norway, so my english isn't so good) I was wondering if the House of night books are coming out as movies? I would abselutely LOVE to go and watch it at the cinema and by all the movie. I cryed so much when I first read that Zoey's bestfriend died (I don't want to say the mane, if somebody haven't read id) and i know that if you made films of the books everyone would love it!
xoxo. I hope there will come out films of the books, because I really love the books. I couldn't find your e-mail, so i write it here instead.

Unknown said...

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

I totally agree with you PC, a person can not be defined by their sexuality, and everyone is entitled to be happy, without prejudice and discrimination.

I admire you so much, and love your books

Thaira Paiva

Unknown said...

I have alot of gay and bisexual friends. I love them for who they are and I would never want to change them. They love being who they and I swear they have way more self confidence than alot of people. I love them with all my heart and support them.

I wore purple today. our school as a whole did it! I'm glad my school allowed us to.

The quote from Awakened just makes me atticapiate(bad spelling :( it even more!!! Can't wait for it and the Handbook in 6 days!!!

Kitty (Katie)

Unknown said...

Some timesm the person who is being degraded and bullied is way better person and friend than the bully, i know a (i hate using this word, it dosent seem right< it should be called something els that is not used as a hateful comment) gay gay that goes to my church, and hes done many wonderful thingss for the church and our youth group, he did not need the exceptance of any one, he didenthav to prove he wasent any diferent than any of us just cuse he was welcomed with open arms by or religious community =)
(ps, love the AWAKENED bonus, lol it was a great way to suport LGBT's purpose.... cant wait till u post more movie and AWAKENED up dates) lol heart u.. and ur addicting books!

hon lover said...

I have a gay friend who is one of the nicest people i've ever met. I've actually been in the Gay-straight alliance club before at my school and fully support all the openly gay kids in that club. It's amazing to me how I hear all this stuff about being equals and then there are some people who don't treat gay/bisexual people in the school the same way. Or in life as a matter of fact. People who are gay are shunned most of the time and it just isn't right.
If the world were more accepting of gay people, the world would be a better place and I can guarantee to you that there would be less suicides.
What happened to "All people are equal"?

skfetts said...

I for one would like to know who gave anyone the right to treat another person differently because of sexual orientation? Really? Keep your head up high, it will get better, just as PC has said. Love to all.

Critica said...

One of my friends is gay, and so is another one of my relatives. I love them both so much... I worry for them with all of the ignorance of the general public. It rips me apart to see people being so heartless towards gays. I don't understand homophobia at all. Why can't people just let there be peace in this world?

I wore purple that day :)

Guillermina C Ponce said...

It's true. I think no one has enough authority to say what is right or wrong. We were created to be free, free love, free run...We can never continue with hate. Respect, love, consciousness is the way....

(Sorry, I'm not good in English, will understand if things are misspelled)..

PC I greatly admire, love and believe in what he says ... :)

A_Sailors_Geek said...

Im a huge fan of the house of night series and your writing. I just want to say thank you for putting openly gay characters into a young adult book series and making them well liked characters that can be related to by young adults. Not too many authors take the time to acknowledge LGBT youth and you did so thanks for that. I think youre awesome for posting this and for your amazing work.

jessicapupo said...

I think Damien and Jack would so wear purple that day!!!!! :)

jessicapupo said...

I wore purple that day!!!!!!!! Ps: I <3 the quote you put from Awakened!!!!!!!!!! I <3 the cover by the way AMAZING!