Thursday, September 09, 2010

Coming to NYC ComicCon!

Hey Guys! I'm going to be at ComicCon in New York City next month! I'll be in booth #2467 Sat, Oct 9th and Sun Oct 10th, and I'll be making a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! It's not HOUSE OF NIGHT related, but it is super cool! This sketch is just a teaser for you!

Oh, of course I'll sign HoN books if you want to bring them by. Come see me!!



Sheila said...

I know that picture any where. That's the beast from Goddess of the Rose. Can't wait for your good news.


Domonique said...

Oh My Goodness,this is a cool teaser for everyone to see.Is it like Kalone's evil Twin brother.

Littleirish said...

Oh my, who is that?
Is this something new or from Parthalon?

Sheila said...

I know who that is, it's the beast from Goddess of the Rose. I can't wait for the good news.
Do you have a picture of ClanFintan????

Thanks for all your great books.


PC Cast said...

Oooh, you guys are so smart! Yep, it is Asterius, the Beast in my Beauty and the Beast retelling, GODDESS OF THE ROSE. Y'all are gonna love what comes next!

Unknown said...

Im sorry this message doesn't have to do with the picture, but I have a question and don't know where to ask it. I wanted to know how many of the house of night books you plan to write? I love the story in these books!

PC Cast said...

I plan to write about 12 HoN books.

Jana Oliver said...

GRIN. Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

side topic:) pc cast are you gonna eventally come to toronto :)

ShadowN said...

Wow 12 book :) Okey, are those books names decided ?

ShannonBMamaO3 said...

Yaaa!!!! Can't wait for the news! Goddess of the Rose is going to be amazing to see come alive before our eye's. (This may have been asked before but is there any chance we will see Clanfintan come to life on big screen?) I <3 Shannon Parker.


Jodie said...

Omgosh i Absoloutly love the house of Night series :D and I love you and kristen :D x I sent you an Email Ms.Cast ? A couple of minutes ago but i dont know if you will Log on so i thought i would tell you on this .. my email starts with jodie-enderby xxx Please please PLEAse Read it .. It would mean alot to me xxxxxx

Casa de la Noche Chile said...

We are the community of fans of the House of night in Chile

How did to become official community?. with whom spoke?. them please help to be able to form a fan club in Spanish.

We hope to answer.
them Nyx to accompany

Levi Langdale said...

awww and here i am stuck in florida. come to the south! lol

Anna D said...

Incredible pic of The Beast. Goddess of Rose was one of my fave Goddess books. It was mentioned at one point it was going to be made into a movie. Is that getting to be closer to a reality??? That would be amazing!!!

PC Cast said...

Anna - my intent is to bring GotR to film. Actually, I'd like to bring all of the Goddess Summoning Books to film! I chose GotR to begin with because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale. Glad to hear you love it, too!

PC Cast said...

Oh, p.s. - no I don't know the names of any HoN book except the one I'm working on: AWAKENED.

HoN Chile - you'll have to check with my publisher for official fan page permission. Look inside the cover of the book for publisher information.

Shannon - I would lOVE ClanFintan to come to the big screen, but the CGI would have to be mind blowing!

Unknown said...

Hi Mrs. Cast so i'm a curious person so i came up with some possiblitys about what the contents to awaken could be and this is what i came up with, hopefully you could tell me if am on the right track i get if you cant cuz it'd spoil it just give me your opinion about my guesses.

1- Zoey's mom finally opens her eyes about her daughter and her gift, and stops being a beeyach.>.<

2-(what i hope it is)
Zoey pulls out some hidden with in CRAZY, SUPER AWESOME, ELEMENTAL chit that puts Neferet in her place, or at least bch slaps her before the end of the book=} hahaha

so am i close?...far off?...warm?....cold? hahah

BTW you and Kristen are my favorite authors, i like how you guys arent afriad to keep it
"PG13" language How theres always an unexpected twist( I really didnt think Zoey was gonna sleep with Blake, i was like "naw they wouldt change it like that" n You did i was like "OH NO THEY DIDNT!" gasp hahaha
keep up the good work and know you guys got tons of fans *addicted* to your series cant wait till Awaken comes out!!!

PC Cast said...

Marisol - 1) Zoey's mom is in this book, but that's all I can tell you right now.

2) Zoey does have some seriously crazy elemental powers (and finds some new ones in this book, too). Neferet does need her butt kicked. BUT I'M NOT TELLING YOU WHAT HAPPENS.

Kristin and I heart you.

Unknown said...

12 books????? How exciting! I just finished Burned right now, and I can't wait for Awakened to come out. I really really like how you ended Burned btw. When are you coming to california next?

marisol said...

'o.0 sounds AWESOME,i sense a big fight for Awaken!
and let me just say to that'

much <3

Ancel said...

I can't wait for awakened and the next four books to be published! I'm sure that there are many eager fans waiting too. :) gogogo! Your eagerly waiting fan. xD

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Ushio Amamiya said...

sorry for my engligh PC, is soo bad

happy desire for you and your daugther, twogether are a danger winth the pencil XDDD

I love House is Night, in my country only are 4 book and i wait the 5
yours book. I read the books really fast, takes me 2 days if no one bothers me XDD or one week

Happy meeting