Friday, December 04, 2009

Back in the US!

Hi Guys!
Well, I've returned to beautiful, sunny, but cold Oklahoma. My Scotties mauled me, but now aren't speaking to me. My cat, Patchy Poo the Pud, is disdainful and actually being nice to Kristin (who he's hated for more than a decade) just to show how annoyed he is at me.

Of course I'm already missing Scotland! But I'm a lucky woman to have two countries I love so much. Speaking of - here's a picture right out the back door of the cottage I stayed at. This is what it looked like for, oh, about five minutes:

This is what it looked like for the rest of the time (when I could actually take a picture through the rain). SERIOUSLY. It rained for almost three weeks. Sigh. But it was good for writing.

I did go to Dublin for a couple days (loved it!). Popped into this great bookstore and signed stock:

Then I got my amazing tattoo from incredibly talented Alan who owns the Art House Tattoo Studio in Monaghan. No, I'm NOT showing you a picture of it on my body (jeesh, nosy people!), but this is the gorgeous sketch Alan did of it. Yes, it's a great big bull with a goddess within it. Oh, and it's on my thigh.

Okay, back to working hard on BURNED now. Looks like the release date will be April 27th, if I get it in on time. Wish me luck!



Eliza White said...

Love the tattoo, good luck with the rest of your writing xxx
Btw cats hate most people, inless you have food in your hand in which case you are the cat god :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great tattoo. Just out of the blue, but the woman in the middle of the tattoo (unless I'm just seeing things), is that supposed to be someone? Like... Nyx? :) 'Cause that's what I first thought of when I saw it.

And Scottland seems soooooo pretty! Even through the rain :)

P.S: One of my cats hate me. But mainly because I don't like to give him treats because he just... well.. details are gross.. but you get the point (I hope). Well have fun writing BURNED!!

* Meghan *

PC Cast said...

The figure within the bull is symbolic of the Divine Feminine - broader than one particular goddess. But, yes, that would also include Nyx. Cats are definitely unique creatures!

Anonymous said...

ha that's true. Cats do hate me too! Maybe that's because I'm more of a dog person, but my dad's cat scratches the hell out of me when he sees me. He really despises me. LOL. I don't even do anything to spurr him on, I swear! But anyways, PC, I cannot wait to read Burned. I was SHOCKED on Tempted. I think I read all six books in like a week. Good Luck finishing on time! I hope you do!


Hardcore Baby Dyke said...

Very cool tattoo! ^^

Good luck with Burned! I almost can't wait for it to be in my hands! ;)

Btw, I totally love Tempted [well I love all of the House of Night-books! But that's the one I'm reading at the moment]!

My cats are often crazy and insane [also that's their nicknames when they are being mischievious] but I love them anyway =)

Erin said...

The tat sounds very cool. Glad to hear you are both well and back in the states. Have you though about the bookmarks yet? If I could draw well I would make some but sadly it isn't the case. I can't wait to read Burned.


Unknown said...

Loving you tattoo but loving the picture of "yer wee highland hidie hole" the view looks amazing. I live in the North East of Scotland & if i look out my window i can see the sea, always changing, love it! Looking forwars to Burned.xx

Kyli said...

I love the tat. Very unique and very empowering. Shows how you are a strong and independent women which i love!!! and i love who you have women empowered in house of night. I love All the books, i cant wait till BURNED comes out! You left me in TEMPTED with a "OMG IT CANT END NOW AND MAKE ME WAIT TILL SPRING TIME!!!!" But that just means i can reread the books again before it comes out! Good Luck and Its also very cold UP here in Ohio :-(


Anonymous said...

Welcome home~! We missed you! I am glad you has fun and the pictures are wonderful!

mean mom productions said...

Beautiful pictures of scotland! I never thought of you as a bull person. Tatoo yes but bull no!

We have child that wants a cat but a DH that is allergic to cats. We live in the desert so no outside cats pedators like to hmmm make them disappear.

Littleirish said...

Love the tattoo!

I can't wait for Burned to see how you've worked Scotland into the story. Your cat loves you, that's why (s)he's shunning you. How dare you leave the kitty for so long! I got a 15 min long "lecture" for just leaving a few days over Thanksgiving, I can't imainge what he'd do if I left for a really long time.
BTW, have you SEEN how much original prints of Divine By Mistake are going for on Amazon. !!!

Jenny1494 said...

WHAT! April 27th! woah ok i must remind myself to breath..wooo. Okay well PC i wanted to send you and Kristin a letter that i had to write in English class but my teacher needs to give me a copy first. but yaa..please hurry...i need repeat need BURNED!

General Katy said...

About the asking price for 2006 Divine By Mistake - holy batcrap! It's at $150 on eBay! Why? I mean, it's a great book, but isn't there a new release coming out soon? Why is a paperback going for so much? I saw similar prices for Goddess By Mistake's second printing, too. I wonder what the asking price would be for the signed original edition I got at the Tulsa Scottish Games way back in '01...
Of course, it would take quite a bit for me to part with my copy. It brings back too many good memories.

ohmygoddes said...

Hi there i have read Marked,Betrayed,Chosen,Untamed,Hunted,Tempted.. I was in the main book shop where i live in the uk and was drawn to your books. I started a book marathon i read all of the books i bought them on wednesday and i finished them sunday, talk about a total CLIFF HANGER you have me on the edge of my seat i mean april thats like forever well maybe not forever but its ages away so i will wish u lots of luck with Burned cant wait to read it, Your books are AMAZEING as are you...... cant wait for the next instalment. Your tat is gr8 very distinct :)

PC Cast said...

Katy - I have no clue why DbM should be going for so much money. IT'S IN PRINT! I do understand old copies of GODDESS BY MISTAKE being collectible (I have a couple myself...). The Scottish Games! Good times!


Ashton said...

Loving the books, I was just turned onto them by my hair dresser and I must say I LOVE THEM! I have a question though that i have not been able to find on the internet anywhere. Who is the model who is playing James Stark in the Tempted book cover? He is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey P.C Cast I hope you can read my comment. Well I am writing a story and it would be really cool if you could read it maybe if your not so busy we can talk about it and stuff. I really love your books espeically the HOuse of Night series. StevieRea is my fav charcter. Please write me at my email address thank you.

brookshepard said...

Um . . . Is this burned book a new book to the house of Night???? I want me some more of that Nerd Herd! I love your books. I love the way you included the nuns in your last book!
Can't wait until you put some more books out! :)

A_Lafont_Lurver said...


Anonymous said...

It looks amazing where you live. I def have to visit sometime. I would trade you anyday for the cold. I live in "always change weather everyday" California.
Great tattoo! I've always wanted a tattoo but I am never sure what I wanted to get.
BTW I am def a dog person, but when I was little people called me "Catwoman". Every cat that people called evil came up to me and liked me.
Have fun writing Burned!

remi said...

Who is the model of james stark on the front cover of tempted?