Monday, September 28, 2009

Heading Toward Glasgow!

Hi Guys!
I'm having an amazing time in the Highlands and will be heading towards Glasgow in the next day or so. My plan is to pop in these bookstores for quick stock signings (that means I'll just sign the books they have there instead of doing a formal event). I'm not sure exactly which day I'll be there, but I'm thinking probably Wednesday the 30th. Maybe I'll see some of you!

Waterstone’s 153 Sauchiehall St.

Waterstone’s 5 Argyle St.

Borders Buchanan St.

Forbidden Planet 168 Buchanan St.



Anonymous said...

hye PC ! i love your books so much ! i just wanted to say hello to you so hello

leighm73 said...

omg ---

damn did u have to come on wednesday thats the day i go back to school
lol well ill just have to miss u
i live in glasgow so :(

mean mom productions said...

sounds like fun..enjoy..take lots of pictures..

Sophie x said...

:( I will be at school when you come and my mum will be at work :'( enjoy because the people in Glasgow are amazing and nice oh ans just up from the shopping centre is a cute we shop that sells ver kitsch things, oh and pop into Primark for good bargin clothes x