Friday, March 13, 2009

Tulsa Launch of Hunted! Pictures!

Can you see the henna on our hands?!

An early shot as they were setting up one of the treat tables. Yum, Merritt's bakery!

Thought you guys would like to see some pictures from the fabulous launch of HUNTED Tuesday night. Thanks to everyone who came out to make release day so great! I'm amazed that Kristin and I don't appear to have the plague...

We are feeling, better, by-the-by. I'm actually getting my voice back.

We're taking off for the tour starting tomorrow! So hope to see you in: Norman, OK, Chicago, Dallas, Tempe or San Diego!

Oh, and YES there will be books after HUNTED. We're working on TEMPTED right now - due to release in November.



JennyMac said...

Wow!! The Party looked like it was amazing!! No fair that it was in Tulsa! Oh Well, Glad you Guys had fun

PC I'm so glad your voice is coming back!

Wish you and Kristen GL on the Tour!

Blessed Be



JT said...

I'm so glad that you guys are feeling better, my little sister has been in the hospital fo rthe last week with flu. But she's home now, still really run down though.

I'm ashamed that I haven't gotten my hands on a copy of Hunted yet, but alas, I will one way or another.

I already said this, but I'll say again. Best wishes for the tour, I hope that you guys stay safe and have a lot of fun.


Zhanna said...

i am about to burst with happiness.
your books come out so fast

Unknown said...

I am so happy to hear that you are doing much better. Thank you for sharing those photos with us. At least it gives an idea of being there with you. My heart goest out to you and you lovely daughter.

Thank you for such beautiful book. just read it twice and the second time around got me crying and more emotionally link to the characters of this book.

The best of luck with the book tour and congratulations. And thank you for being a great author that hears her fans.

God bless.

Breezy1323 said...

I hope i got to see you guys.OMG...
Hunted was sooooo awsome, i even liked it better than Untamed, I so cant wait for Tempted, November cant come sooner

PC Cast said...

I think HUNTED is my favorite book in the series so far. Of course I'm not finished with TEMPTED yet, and I'm loving the surprises as they unfold.

Thanks so much for the well wishes!

Fox :::.... said...

Aw I wished I could've been there! :) Glad to hear you guys are feeling better and hope your tour is awesome. I can't wait for the new book in Nov.

Ambs1450 said...

I am new to series, but have read them all already, even the new Hunted and I have to say that I am a fan. I have to confess that I am older, erm a lot older then the average reader of the series, I am in my late 20's. But regardless of that, I just wanted to say these are some of the best books that I have read in a long time and I do a lot of reading. I too am looking forward to the release of tempted and was wondering how long are you going to carry the series out to?

Awesome job ladies!!


PC Cast said...

I can't give an exact number to how many books there will be. We're planning about 9 to fulfill Zoey's story, but I can go more or less than that. It depends on the story. I won't stretch it out, or cut it short. I'm just telling her story.

There will be books that focus on Stevie Rae and the red fledglings - not sure how many of them, though.

I have the story arcs; I just don't know exactly how many books it will take to fill up each arc.


texasdashing said...
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texasdashing said...

I just finished with Hunted today. It was the best yet! Every time I read one of the HON books I get depressed afterwards because I want to know what happens next. I dream about the characters. I know that is weird, but that is just what happens when I am in the middle/finish reading amazing books! =D

By the way, when are ya'll going to be in Dallas? =D


Anonymous said...

Of course people always like the current (and newest released) book in the series...

PC Cast said...

Hannah - my tour post tells where and when we'll be.

LL - not true with me for any of my series. For instance, my two favorite books in my Goddess Summoning Series are the 2nd and 4th books (I've written 6), GODDESS OF SPRING and GODDESS OF THE ROSE.

Anonymous said...

I know. Just for me, though, I guess. Yes... I actually like Goddess of the Spring the best of your books. I haven't finished any of those books in series though... I just read the backs and a few pages.

megabitesz said...

Okay so I'm new to the series and I love it =] it has become my new obsseion and I can't wait for tempted yu have to give us some info on it please and oh my question when I was reading was erik really into having sex with zoey was that the reason behind his very passionate kiss ?

Rousha54321 said...


PC Cast said...

Well, Megan, without getting into a whole birds and the bees awkward lecture, passion leads to sex. If a guy is making out with you, he's not thinking about football. Hello!

Rousha - yep, you can take pictures. I will warn you that I take terrible pictures, but Kristin is super photogenic (brat!).

Guiomar said...

I've got a question. It's about the movie answers. You said all the time "movie/tv", so you don't know if it will be a movie or a tv show?

PC Cast said...

Airis - I have no clue which it will be or if it will actually get made.

Ang from Oz said...

Hi PC,

Glad to hear you are feeling better!! I finished HUNTED today. WOW!!! EXCELLENT!! Can't wait for Tempted, so its being released November this year?

Unknown said...

I have yet to read Haunted but I have to say that this series has been my favorite. I’m really excited to see what happens with Zoey and her friends. Just to throw this out it would be amazing to have you both come to a city near Detroit. I have tons of friends who are in love with The House Of Night series who would love to meet you guys including myself!

Elise said...

OMG!!!! hunted was soo amazing. i cant wait for the next book!! how many is there going to be in total?

Courtney said...

So..Do you know how we can get an advanced reader's copy of "Tempted"?

Jess F. said...

I just started and finished reading the House of Night series (from Marked to Haunted) this past week! And they were sooo good, I couldn't put them down! Definitely I love Haunted the best so far!! I cannot wait for you next one! =0)

- Jess

Unknown said...

the one in Allen was so much fun!
i even got to transform into an adult vamp that night! :D you & kristin are way nice, i hope to see yall again soon

T. said...

We took our daughters and "adopted" daughter (youngest daughter's bff) to Changing Hands in Tempe to see you and Kristin last night. You, dear lady, are absolutley hilarious! Even hubby, who is not a book worm and was positive he would be bored, said he loved there ya go!! What a fun way to be introduced to Zoey and friends.
Many blessings to you and Kristin :-)

DarkLadyVampireMistress said...


I loved getting Hunted the day it released. Even though I got the flu, I went to Borders in Downtown LA in the Macy's Mall and got it. It was a miracle and I mean A MIRACLE taht there wasn't much people for me to get it and go back home to be locked in my room and read it all over and over again and again. I'm starting to be a really big fan of the House of Night series. Cannot wait for Tempted. Also, it's a real shame that you guys won't tour in LA. I would have gone there, but maybe I'll go in San Diego if I get the chance (and by that, I mean, beg my Dad hard and won't stop until he says yes).


P.S. Glad you and your daughter had fun in your release launch party in Tulsa. Hope you two have fun in your tour.

Guiomar said...

Hi! I've got another question.

I read in the fan forum that books number 7, 8 and 9 will be in Stevie Rae P.O.V. telling the red fledgling story but in your comment: " can't give an exact number to how many books there will be. We're planning about 9 to fulfill Zoey's story, but I can go more or less than that. It depends on the story. I won't stretch it out, or cut it short. I'm just telling her story.

There will be books that focus on Stevie Rae and the red fledglings - not sure how many of them, though.

I have the story arcs; I just don't know exactly how many books it will take to fill up each arc."

It seems they're two different series so, what are going to do actually?

Unknown said...

Are you two going to be doing book signing tours? If you've done these (and been to TX), I am the worst person in the world for not knowing!

Am I going to have to convince my mom to let me drive to Tulsa? She won't even let me drive to the Fort Worth zoo for interning/volunteering/whatever they have me do (and let's hope it's not scooping poop)!

I am a bajeebiously (you love my word) huge fan, and I REALLY hope to meet you guys some day! =]


P.S. How on earth do you come out with your books so fast? It's amazing! =]

Asperation said...

My hat off. The two of you are GREAT! Wish I could go as fast as you, and be as BIG. It would not be as frightening.You looked great, and the book left me begging for more. Would love to meat you.

Thank You!!!!

P.S. Can't wait for Tempted

PC Cast said...

Jeesh, would you please quit calling it Haunted??? The book's title is HUNTED. Totally annoying.

You can't get an ARC of TEMPTED because the book's not done yet, but my fabulous publisher is who you need to contact in the future for that.

T- thank you! Changing Hands is a great store and y'all were a wonderful crowd. We had a blast!

Airis - I don't know what fan forum you're talking about, but I don't have specific numbers in mind for Zoey's books. I'm just writing her story. When it's done - it's done. Same withe the red fledglings.

Stephanie - you need to do some googling. We're in the middle of a tour right now. And exhausted. Jeesh.

See y'all in Canada!!!


Jess F. said...

Sorry. Still I loved it. =0)

Guiomar said...

I'm talking about
Now a girl says you said her in Tempe, Arizona there will be 12 books - 9 telling the Zoey's story and the other 3 in the red fledglings points of view.

Sorry, I know I'm tiring, sorry again :(, but I don't know, she says you said...

Dajana Lukic said...

Hey P.C.!! i just have to say that i honestly LOVED HUNTED!!! what i love about your writing is the fact that it is connected to reality of being a teenager, and going through biological changes as a vampire!An i m really excited about Tempted honestly i wanna read it as soon as possible. Are you going to give any clues as to how everything is going to play out?
P.S. sorry if me and my sister, and my best friend freaked you out in the bathroom in Borders, in Chicago Schamburg :( eheh you honestly made me tear up, and i almost fainted, but it was good :D

k_ellison22 said...

thank you for noting that you will continue the series. It was a wonderful experiance. Thank you

Rousha54321 said...

The Dallas Signing was tons of fun!
I liked how you could make dream catchers. I was like so happy when the line ended and it was my turn!!! And earlier when you said you didn't look good in pictures I thought you looked great in the picture. :) I can't wait till Tempted and I hope you visit Dallas again.!!! House of Night is like 1,000,000,000,000 times better then Twilight and the best book I've ever read!! I hope you continue writing for as long as possible and I hope too see you again if you do the Tempted tour. :D Oh and when you guys were doing Q AND A I was hoping too ask but forgot to, if like the girl on book #1 was the same as book number 2,3,4,and 5.

PC Cast said...

Airis - what I always say is that we've sold 12 books to our publisher. We have a vague idea about how many will be HoN - perhaps 9. We also have a red vamp spin off we're going to do, and then another series that has nothing to do with HoN. I'm just going to tell the stories. I can't tell the exact number of books, and it's really not very important. What's important is that the story gets told.

Dajana - NO I'M NOT GIVING SPOILERS. You know Kristin won't let me! You guys didn't freak me out in the bathroom. I thought y'all were cute.

Hi Rousha! The Dallas signing was a blast! The lovely ladies from the store gave Kristin and me dream catchers to take home with us. Yes, the model who is portraying Zoey has stayed the same for all the books, and she'll be on the cover of TEMPTED, too.

book_freak2012 said...

I LOVE the house of night novels you guys did an awsome job on them! i cannot wait for Tempted!! you have no idea how much i love the house of night novels they keep me on the edge of my seat and they make me laugh sometimes and sometimes i am on the verge of crying! that is how intense i get with the books i read...! and i was wondering how far you are going to take this series?

Asperation said...

I think Kristen should have done the covers as Zoey. She is more how I picture her. Not as plain as the girl on the cover and inside.

Sorry thats just how I saw it in my minds eye. Being of native decent my self.

Darcie said...
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Darcie said...

Hi PC,

I am addicted to your books! There amazing! My bestfriend loves them also, I showed her the series after reading bout' the first 2 of your books! <3 I just finished HUNTED about 2 minutes ago and it was good! I love Stevie Rae, She's my fav character (Im hooked on her style now :P) I was wonderin' when TEMPTED is gonna come out? and I heard lots of people talking bout' it bein' a movie, is that true?

Darc <3
Thanx Ya'll :) <3

Ilovemesomestark said...

I love the hon series it so good even my choir teacher reads it no joke lol i just love it so much and i really hope theres anouther book after tempted!!!!
it just so good of a series!!! its beatifula nd realistic and modern al at the same time its also got a lot of problems zoey faces like drugs sex drinking boys trustworthyness lies ect in the series that i personally a lot of kids at my middle school struggle with im tottally serious 2

i love this series hope it never ends ever!!!!!!!

Emily Nicole said...

hey I love your books and im doing this project in my reading class where we had to pick our fav books and i picked
Hunted so i need to know stuff dat u think bout ur book

PC Cast said...

Emily - you can find information for your homework my researching my books on line.

Good luck,