Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New releases! Yea! UPDATE

Okay, here's the FINAL cover for IMMORTAL. BenBella Books says it will be available in Borders in August!

Here's the original text for this post:
Check out the draft of the cover for IMMORTAL, a fabulous YA vampire anthology I'm editing for BenBella Books (will be available exclusively through Borders). They're still tweaking it, but I think it's lovely! And, yes! That is a stand along story by the fabulous Kristin Cast in the lineup! Yea for Chicken Frances! IMMORTAL is officially supposed to be released in September, but they're trying to push it up to July.

Speaking of pushing up a release date...looks like St. Martin's has decided to release UNTAMED September 23rd instead of October 1st! So you'll have less time to wait!


coolingstar9 said...

This is really a good news that it can be released earlier.
Happy to visit your site, have a nice day.
From: coolingstar9

Ang from Oz said...

Yeah, great news, not as long to wait now. Immortal looks good, will definately be picking that one up. (Yay for Kristin too!)

BloggingBooksGalore said...

seriously...I don't there could be a better line-up. and wow! and theres a new story by L.J. Smith? wow....my inner 13 year-old is squeeing with joy! I'm so glad I work for the borders company (a waldens though). mwahahahah

Stephanie said...

Very exciting! I can't wait to pick up Immortal!

E. B. said...

Um... the closest borders is 5 hours from here... can we buy it online? hope so!!!!

Tajana said...

Immortal sounds so good!
Right in my section of books.
Fave section.
Can't wait till I buy it.

Judi said...

Congrats on the early release! And I am wondering how can I get my hands on Immortal in Canada where there are no Borders stores?

PC Cast said...

Ebeth and Judi - I'll forward your questions to BenBella Books and post the answers ASAP!

PC Cast said...

Okay, in case you're not near a Borders (or live in Canada!) IMMORTAL will be available through the Borders website, and they do ship to Canada. As soon as the publisher sends me a link I'll post it here. Yea!

samantha said...

hi :) i was wondering if there was any news on when immortal was going to come out? i can't wait to read it and all i hear everywhere is august. thanks, samantha

dragonchica said...

Hello, my I was trying to find the Immortal: Love Stories With a Bite, and I know it's a Borders exclusive, but I can't find it online and I called my local store and they can't find it on their system either. Do you know how I can find a copy of this book?

Thanks for you help,


PC Cast said...

Hi Guys,
I checked with Benbella Books (the publisher) and Borders does have IMMORTAL, but there is some glitch in the system, so they're not "out" yet. Just be a little patient and all will be fixed. They should be available this coming week.