Thursday, April 17, 2008


Wow! Check out the amazing surprise we got today!

In case you can't read that CHOSEN is #7 on the PW list and MARKED is #10, (check out the pic and the article!), here's the lowdown:


By PC and Kristin Cast

St. Martin’s Griffin

March 4, 2008




PW Bestseller List


April 14, 2008

MARKED (0-312-36026-6, Pub: May 2007) is #10!

The New York Times

Paperback Children’s Best Sellers List


April 27, 2008


The New York Times

Paperback Children’s Best Sellers List


March 23, 2008


March 30, 2008


April 6, 2008


April 20, 2008

USA Today


March 16


March 23

JUST WOW! Kristin and I are hardly touching the ground! Thank you so much, guys, for your fabulous support for this series! We heart you!


Stephanie said...

That is really amazing! I posted it up on my site, so everyone could see!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Stephanie!

kathleen duey said...

Congrats! No, you don't know me...I was just fishing through other author's blogs and saw your major news. It's wonderful. Wallow and whoop.

BloggingBooksGalore said...

yay! this just means I have to keep recommending the books to people at my part-time bookstore job so we can keep them on the lists!!