Sunday, October 07, 2007


BETRAYED IS FINALLY OUT! The launch party for it was a blast - lots of excellent costumes - my lovely tarot reader was there - yummy snacks - and, of course, exellent coffee (the launch party was at The Blend, a locally owned coffee shop). Thanks to all the fabulous fans who attended. A special thanks to Don and Ann Maire for sending the fun pictures!

Kristin and me!

Us with Bryan "Dragon" Lankford who surprised us by coming all the way from Dallas!

Amber Taylor (one of my nutty students!)

Laura Shepard (another of my nutty students)

Don's lovely wife, Vickie.


Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great time. Wish I could have been there.:-)

Stephanie said...

I wish I could have been there!! I just finished Betrayed (as another review for Curled Up with a Good Book!) It was FANTASTIC! I always have doubts as to book number 2 in a series, but Betrayed was great. Maybe better than the first!

I will post the review to my blog as soon as it get's published at Curled Up!

The Pink Spyder said...

Can't wait to read this one - I'm totally hooked on you!

doubleEE94 said...

I loved the series and I love the book so much that I am doing a report on P.C. Cast and It doesn't say her birthday anywhere. Does anyone know it?

PC Cast said...

My birthday's April 30th!

Jaded Bee said...

I just finished Betrayed and I was astonished. I love it sooo much. Do you think it and Marked will ever be available in Hard Back? I can't wait until Chosen comes out. Me and my best friend are thinking about creating a PCAKCA group for those of us who are addicted. lol.


Unknown said...

I am a little late but I only just got my copy of 'Betrayed' last week and read it striaght away.

Firstly I would like to thank PC Cast for visiting my humble book blog and making a comment! It is great when I find authors have stumbled across my site!

Secondly I have to say that Betrayed was amazing and I can't wait for more!

Thirdly I would love to donate my time to read and review and ARCs ;)

Don Kerr said...

I just finished reading Betrayed. Yes it has been sitting in my must read pile for a few months. I wish I had read it sooner but between work and homework ( only 54 credit hours to go ) I hadn’t found time to read for the pleasure of it, and Betrayed was a pleasure. Only one problem…. I will have to wait months for the next one . By the way, thanks for posting the pics, I can’t wait to show my wife she made it onto the web :) .
Is there any chance there will be a boxed set or hardbacks of the series?

PC Cast said...

Hi Don,
I've talked with St. Martin's about the boxed set in hardback, and they're considering it. We'll see... Glad you enjoyed BETRAYED!

Unknown said...

I love the House of Night series. You're writing is amazing. It's given me a whole new view on reading. I especially love the romantic parts between Erik and Zoey. I can't wait until you write more!!! You're unbelievably amazing.