Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Obsession

I admit to being behind on several things. First, my TBR pile is daunting and alluring - it teases me constantly. I'm in the middle of the last Potter right now, with Eclipse waiting for me after that. And then I openly admit that I came to the Buffy/Angel obsession late and watched all seasons of both shows on DVD in one big, obsessed rush. Joss Whedon owes me many hours of my life back. And now I've discovered SMALLVILLE. How could I have missed this show? I am Superman's girl, and have been since I read all of the Freeman boys' comics up in their game room when I was, uh, let's see...probably 9-13. I discovered Superman, Swampthing, Thor, Fantastic 4, and the Hulk. I swear those summers of reading with those boys twisted me into the author I am today. And now Smallville! I had never watched it, but bought the first season after watching the first 4 episodes. So what is it about the Superman Mistique that hits so many of us so hard? Is it his honesty - his vulnerbility - or his tall hotness and that damn gorgeous mouth? I really wish Superman wasn't so stringently copyrighted because I would LOVE to bring in a real woman of today for him to fall in love with. Hum...perhaps I should give my agent a call and test the's about time there was a Superman romance, don't ya think?


Heather Harper said...

What hits me so hard is Tom Welling. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Anything you write would get MY vote!

Anxiously awaiting your next release,