Monday, July 23, 2007


I've been smothering in deadlines, so I'm in hibernation but when I saw this funny pic of Kristin and me posted on the RWA website from our St. Martin's signing I had to pass it along to y'all. I (we) did have an excellent time at the convention - LOVED The Craft restaurant in the Dallas W Hotel so much that I'm taking Kristin back over the weekend of her 21st birthday in November. It was wonderful to see my author friends, editors, my amazing agent, and Smart Bitches Sarah and Candy!

More when I crawl out of my Goddess Summoning Book hole. Oh, the working title of this one is ALMOST A HERO. BIG cover change to reflect the title change. I can't wait to see what Berkley comes up with. You know I have excellent cover chi!


Princess Allie said...

It was nice seeing you and Kristen at Conestoga! I ment to mention that I loved the cover to Marked and I hope the series goes a long way. I meant to say this, but was so nervous about asking for a photo that I forgot. Hope you all had a good time.

Unknown said...

Wow I thought you were not doing anymore Goddess Summoning's after Venus' story so I'm pleasantly surprised. Your goddess series was my first exposure to your work so I'm really happy it's continuing. I actually have not read Venus's story yet. I haven't read anything this month except for one book by Christine Feehan but I had been waiting five years for it. This has not been a good month and I just have not felt up to reading. Heck, I haven't even updated my own blog. But I have the book and as soon as all the troubles of this month are past I WILL read it I promise. Glad you enjoyed RWA.

PC Cast said...

Hi Kathy,
I'm doing at least 2 more Goddess Summoning Books. There will be title changes, but the books still have the basic premise of a goddess (or in this book's case, 3 goddesses) interfering in a mortal's life. Oh, and the covers will be sexier. I do have excellent cover chi, so I'm looking forward to getting a glimpse of the new look.

Hope things settle down soon and you can read!

PC Cast said...

Oops! And hi Book Lass! Yes, Kristin and I had a great time at Conestoga! Don't ever be nervous about asking for a photo - especially with Kristin around. She lurves the camera!