Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Help needed!

Y'all remember a while ago when the big ARC selling thing went on? I posted about it, as did several other authors/blogs. Well, the lovely June Portnoy is writing an article about the sale of ARC debate for RWR (Romance Writers Report). She'd love to get your input. I know several of you made excellent points on my blog - several of you emailed me privately. June would like to hear from you. (She's great to talk with - don't be scared!) So if you'd like, please shoot her an email at

Well done you guys!


Mickey said...

PC, I posted about this on the LUNA boards and we all had a little chat about it. Sapphire spoke with the powers that be at HQ and I believe that they did something about the ones that belonged to them. Since the first post others have posted that they have seen them and Sapphy gets right on it. I would hope that those who are selling these wake up and see just how WRONG it is. I no it's whishful thinking, but at least I feel confident that none of my friends are buying them.

PC Cast said...

Mickey, please email June and tell her about your experiences. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

Unknown said...

We did email her P.C. about the copy of Thunderbird Falls we got. We did finally get a legit copy though and we are not getting rid of the ARC even though we are not going to read it. We don't want to make money or risk someone else making money off a copy that the author was never once paid for.

Also, we bought Mysteria from Amazon and it should arrive tomorrow. Can't wait to read it.:-)

PC Cast said...

Yea! Thanks guys. And be sure you let me know what you think of Mysteria!