Friday, March 31, 2006

Huh? New book?

Hey y'all. Liz Maverick's Crimson Rogue is out and I'm in deadline hell. Would someone please read it and tell me if it's as fab as it sounds? Here's the stuff on it:

CRIMSON ROGUE by Liz Maverick
(Dorchester, April 2006)

From the four strata of Crimson City come rogues: vampire, werewolf, human, demon. These rebels, rakes and unsung heroes have turned their backs on the extravagant vampire skyway, the gritty werewolf underground, the iron-fisted human stronghold and the fiery power of the demon underworld. Walking a thin line between heaven and hell, they make their own rules and follow their own destinies. Ironically, they will be the ones to determine if the City flourishes or fails. Cydney Brighton knows them well, for she too is now rogue. Having escaped hell, she’s discovered that the City is not what it once was—and neither is she. Only one man understands her, understands what it means to be someone or something beyond control. He’s ready to come out of the darkness; and part-man, part-machine, he’s willing to sacrifice almost anything to make himself whole.



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Liz Maverick is a world traveler, novelist, and freelance travel writer whose contract assignments have taken her around the globe. She’s driven trucks in Antarctica, attended university in the New Territories of Hong Kong, and worked on reality TV shows in California. Liz writes women's fiction comedy for Penguin Putnam’s NAL imprint and futuristic/paranormal action romance for Dorchester and Red Sage.

“An original, dark and fascinating world….” —RT BOOKclub



Unknown said...

My mom and I just bought it and it's awesome. You'll love it.:-)

Vivienne King said...

book kicked ass!