Monday, October 31, 2005

Gena Showalter kicks ass!

One of the aspects of my writing career I like most is that I have the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented women. My buddy Gena Showalter is a prime example of that. Her episode in Bewitched, Bothered & Bevampyred inspired mine - and it also set fire to the proposal that will be the Mysteria anthology released by Berkley in August 2006, which will include expanded and alter versions of Gena's episode and mine, as well as episodes by MaryJanice Davidson and Susan Grant. Here's a preview of Gena's hilarious episode:

“The Witches of Brokenoggin and the Dead Who Love Them” featured in BEWITCHED, BOTHERED AND BEVAMPYRED by Gena Showalter
(Triskelion Press)

Welcome to Brokenoggin Falls, where the housewives are not only desperate, they’re Witches! (And one of them might be a Harpy) The spells cast by moonlight frequently go awry. And there are times when toads and Chihuahuas seem abundant as black flies in the summer, the dragons are a little touchy, the Forest Trolls are in danger of extinction from teeny-boppers, the Gryphons need help conceiving and...the scientist are crunchy and good with ketchup...

All proceeds from the sales of this book will go to the International Red Cross.

In which the well-endowed Tawdry triplets accidentally raise the dead while dealing with an overzealous peeping John.

Be on the lookout for MYSTERIA, an anthology expanding on the episode and characters Gena created in BEWITCHED, BOTHERED AND BEVAMPYRED. MYSTERIA (Berkley) hits shelves in August 2006!


Gena Showalter holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Physics (lie), is an expert in Krav Maga (bigger lie), and once worked as a body guard for the stars (the biggest lie of all). Actually, Gena Showalter is just your everyday, average girl who enjoys creating sizzling paranormal tales of kick ass women and the men who can't resist them.



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Yeah, and she has a blog with her nudey brother-in-laws ass. That ought to count for something ;)

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