Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sexual Tension

Well, I'm working on the rewrite of Goddess of the Rose, my wonderful retelling of Beauty and the Beast set for release in March, and my omniscient editor has directed that I heighten the sexual tension between the hero and heroine. Okay. I can definitely do that. But it got me to thinking about authors who do sexual tension well...LaVyrle Spencer came to mind first. I think she was a master at this. So who else? Who comes to mind when you think about authors who write exquisite sexual tension?

Naturally I'm working on my own more personal form of research for this, but I won't go into that here...;)


Kelli McBride said...

An obvious choice is Linda Howard. Her Silhouette Intimate Moment novels were so hot: Duncan's Bride, Mackenzie's Mountain, Mackenzie's Mission, and Against the Rules. These seethe with sexual tension at a time when authors didn't have as much leeway to be explicit as they do today.

When Wolf Mackenzie "pleasures himself" in the shower after Mary has been god! That's hot. Of course, then there's the scene in the barn, and on the hood of the car, and...well, plenty of moments to choose from.

moonhart said...

MORE sexual tenstion??? From YOU????


*Runs screaming around the room*

This book is gonna kill me and it's not even mine!


moonhart said...

Oh, and I would add Karen Marie Moning to the ST list.



PC Cast said...

Oooh Kelli! You're so right! I was already thinking that I needed to add a steamy masturbation scene to the book, and you've just pushed me over the edge (uh, pardon the pun). Well done you!

Moon - you crazy girl! You know it can't be toooo hot! (And I totally agree about Karen M. Moning; she's great at sexual tension!)

Moony said...

Well this is certainly going to be a very exciting book! I have to say that I love Janet Evanovich's sexual tension, especially in the Stephanie Plum series between Stephanie, Joe Morelli, and Carlos Manosa a.k.a. Ranger. You're constantly on the edge of your seat, your mind can't choose between the frustration of the characters and the story that is revolving around them.

PC Cast said...

Hey if I was Stephanie it would've NEVER taken me so long to boink Ranger. Please. Just please.

moonhart said...

PC is a RANGER girl!! HOW did I know that???


Love Stephanie. And being from NJ and knowing many of the places in her books makes the series even funnier to me. I did miss Janet at the last Plumathon in Trenton, though due to work.

They actually have Plum Tours that take you to the landmarks in Trenton that JE writes about.



Gena Showalter said...

Uh, Stephanie needs to be doing Rander and Joe at the same time. There's enough of her to go around, and she needs to spread the love.

Kelli McBride said...

Hey, I'm always good for some masterbation. ;-)

I also think the hotel bedroom scene in Mackenzie's Mission is deliciously steamy. There's such a raw, earthiness about Howard's heroes and the way they make love. You can almost smell the sex rising from the pages. Hmm...scratch and sniff sex scenes?

PC Cast said...

Yep - I'm definitely adding a beasty masturbation scene. Or, wait...I may have him watch my heroine masturbate (she doesn't see him). That would be delicious.

Scratch and sniff sex scenes...hee hee Kelli!

Gena - you slut (you're welcome).

moonhart said...

PC!!! Do you KNOW that Gena has now made you the Farrah Fawcett Angel from Charlie's Angels?????

Does Gena realize that we DID that hair the FIRST time 'round????/

That woman is dangerous with a mouse.



moonhart said...

When is this book coming out?

I really don't think I can handle the wait. (moon's muse taps her foot and says try finishing your own WIP).

I think you should include rose-scented hankies or the old reliable kleenex coupons. (sticking out tongue at muse)


Kelli McBride said...

Actually, I'm responsible for the Charlie's Angels photoshopping, not Gena. She is least in this instance. ;-)

You should see the PC as fembot - I think Gena has that one up as well. If not, you can see it on my blog:

moonhart said...

Ah, the truth revealed. And here I am blaming Gena for everything.



PC Cast said...

The Charlie's Angels thing is hilarious! You're the best Kelli! (And I'm so damn jealous that I can't figure out how to post pictures to my blog!!)

Moon - Goddess of the Rose will be out in March, but Brighid's Quest will be out in December. That'll keep you busy for a little while!

moonhart said...

So, who IS Kelli McBride? I mean I went to her website and there is not much there.


Kelli McBride said...

I've just added to my blogspot profile. Someone stole, off of my personal web site, several of my essays and sold them to a term paper mill, so I temporarily took down the links to my poems, essays, and short fiction as well as anything not related to teaching. You can check out my web design site at

Sasha White said...

*ahem* I just wanted to say Hands off Ranger. Since Stephanie is dumb enough to not jump his bones right away, he's mine. I have special handcuffs made that even hi can;t get out of. If only I could find him....


Brenda said...

Sexual tension? Linda Howard and Sandra Brown come to mind instantly.

Rest of the posts here simply frighten me.

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