Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Heading Out...

Well, I'm getting ready to leave for Reno tomorrow morning. This RWA National is going to be wicked fun! All of my editors, as well as my fabulous agent and a gaggle of author girlfriends will be there. I'm looking forward to networking and drinking entirely too much.

Keep your fingers crossed for Elphame's Choice to make a good showing in the Bookseller's Best and the Daphne, and Goddess of Spring to kick ass in the Prism (I adore those exquisite little glass pyramids).

I hope to see some of you at the literacy signing tomorrow night! (Yes, I'll come back and post all the good gossip.)



Michele said...

Hope you had a great time!
Are you inspired now?

moonhart said...

Well, while you were at Nationals, I was at Disney World. The heat was hot and humid, the crowds were gihugic and hugantic, but I managed to squeeze in some reading time to finish GOL.


Now back to our regularly scheduled weep session. Excellent read. And I loved Eddie and Artemis.

I think I am a bit of an odd duck because I routinely fall for supporting players. In fact, I like to think that my heroes would be minor if someone else was writing, but I bring them to the forefront and throw the spotlight on them.

P.S. I didn't cry as much as I did with GOS. I fully expect to cry as much, if not MORE with GOTR.

PSS. I am sending you the bill for the kleenex tissues.


moonhart said...

PSSS. Where's the gossip????


moonhart said...

So? EC choice won the Booksellers Award?

At least that's what Gena's blog says.

And the Prism? Robin Owens noted something about GOS winning the Light Paranormal Category?




celeste said...
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celeste said...


im celeste!
em, i enjoy ur books. ive read
goddess of the sea. its great!
do really put some 'magic' into
it. :p
well, im ordering 'goddess of spring' and i cant wait!
i also cant wait till goddess
of te rose comes out!

i wish you a lot of luck and insperation in your books!

best reguards,